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Selection from industrial lager yeast strains of variants with improved fermentation performance in very-high-gravity worts.

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Using state of the art knowledge in biotechnology
VTT develops new materials, products and innovations helping to create business from technology.

VTT is the leading research center in Northern Europe and business enabler exploiting science, cross functional and sustainable, leading edge technologies.

A VTT success story: NatureWorks LLC
Goodbye oil dependence –
hello bioplastics

Scientists at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland are developing new sources of bioplastics to substitute the use of oil. Biotechnological means can replace traditional petrochemical methods that consume the rapidly depleting stocks of the world’s...

Green Chemistry
Developing sustainable processes for profitable production.

Development of cancer drugs
Cancer drug development
High-quality services in the field of cancer drug development.

Technologies for health
Technologies for health
Health tehcnologies - for a better life.
Safe and secure processes
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VTT laboratory
High-end technology solutions for the whole food production chain.