The 7th Eemeli workshop on Tuesday 14th June 2011. (Just before the Euripides Forum 2011 in Helsinki). Workshop starts at 12:30 p.m. at Scandic Marina Congress Center, room Fennia 1 (Katajanokanlaituri 6, Helsinki).

Eemeli results: TEKES has granted 2010 funding for jointly funded electronics R&D projects, total volume over 7 M€. Proposals worth of 8 M€ are currently in negotiation process.

Eemeli future: Come to hear the new TEKES strategy and funding opportunities in electronics. Your contribution is needed to make a decision on Eemeli continuation on 2012.

The Electronic components enable business workshops started 2009. The main goal of the workshops has been the activation of research on components and component technologies. In each workshop there have been fruitful discussions. Totally eight projects have already got funding and four new proposals are in negotiation process.

The components of electronics, optics and optoelectronics have very important role when creating and developing new products, solutions and services. Based on discussions between industry and Tekes, we believe that Finnish electronics component industry still has strong competences and high level research will bring new potential enabling technologies on demonstrations. How do we process these possibilities for the power (vitality) of renewing electronics industry, profitable business and employment? What kind of components does your enterprise need for the new products, system solutions or services?

Come to hear and discuss with us about the future of Finnish R&D funding in electronics. How do we develop the innovative and competitive solutions for your challenges?

In workshops four topics have been identified:

  • Microsystems
  • Printed intelligence
  • Optical solutions
  • RF-applications

Our goal is to create new key efforts on these topics and to prepare project proposals for the open call of Tekes closing 9th September 2011. The projects with strong industrial commitment are very likely to have funding, too.


Feel free to forward this invitation to your colleagues. We ask you kindly to register for the workshop either by email to Soile Kemi soile.kemi@vtt.fi or by phone 020 722 2323 latest on 9th June 2011.


Harri Kopola
Vice President, Microtechnologies and electronics

Arto Maaninen
Vice President, Microtechnologies and sensor


AGENDA - 14th June 2011 at 12:30 - 15:00

12:30 Coffee and opening, Harri Kopola, VTT
An ongoing project case, Markku Tilli, Okmetic

12:45 Talks, a’ 15 min.

- New TEKES strategy and electronics funding, Marko Heikkinen, TEKES
- EU SME TEKES, Martti Huolila
- European microsystem networks, EURIPIDES & EPoSS, Hannu Laatikainen, VTT

13:30 Pitch talks, a’ 5 min.

Microsystems, Hannu Laatikainen
- Finnish MEMS road map, Mervi Paulasto-Kröckel

Photonics solutions, Pentti Karioja
- Photonics - one of the European key enabling technologies, Pentti Karioja
- Photonics SMEs, Mircea Guina, ORC TUT

RF, Tauno Vähä-Heikkilä
- Mission China, Raimo Mäkelä, TQ Electronic
- From unique materials to outstanding components – RF Palette, Heli Jantunen, University of Oulu

Printed intelligence, Arto Maaninen
- COLAE - commersialisation clusters in organic and large area electronics, Ilkka Kaisto
- Printed energy sources, Risto Huvila, Enfucell

Pitch talks on new topics or ideas, space for six quickest volunteers a’ 5 min
- Sensing Solutions, Mikko Juuti
- Carbon Nanomaterial based combined touch and haptics on arbitrarily shaped surfaces, David Brown Canatu
- HTA Support for European SMEs, Jussi Tuovinen, VTT / David Holden, 4labs

14:30 Discussion on further actions on the future of Eemeli (Electronics components enables business) Workshopping

- Funding for electronics R&D?
- Which R&D solutions industry needs during 2012-2014?
- Proposals for the TEKES open call on autumn? (9th September 2011)
- Eemeli session on ELKOM fair 4-6th October, Harri Kopola
- Next Eemeli?

15:00  Closing and coffee

15:00 -17:30 COWIN workshop, Financing major Milestones from R&D to market. All Eemeli workshop attendees are invited and welcome to the workshop (agenda).

19:00 – 20:00 Helsinki city reception. All Eemeli workshop attendees are invited and welcome to the reception at Vanha Raatihuone -building, Aleksanterinkatu 20, Helsinki.

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