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VTT developed a unique fuel cell system
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has built a system that uses fuel cells to produce grid electricity from natural gas. What makes the system unique is that the electric power produced comes from a single 10 kW planar SOFC stack. The technology is being developed as part of the Tekes Fuel Cell Programme.
Innovation and competitiveness from leading nanocellulose center
The Finnish Centre for Nanocellulosic Technologies has become a global leader through its research.
VTT investigates one of world’s oldest beers
In the summer of 2010 in the Åland archipelago, divers retrieved five bottles of beer from the wreck of a ship that likely sank during the first half of 1800s. VTT will determine what kind of a recipe was used in the brewing of the beer.
Finnish researchers found a compound that prevents the growth of prostate cancer cells
Antibiotic called “monensin” prevents the growth of prostate cancer cells.
VTT and Vuzix deliver next generation Augmented Reality for video eyewear
VTT and Vuzix Corporation are working together to bring Augmented Reality to industrial customers and consumers.
Improving energy efficiency is revolutionizing building
The EU is pressing for all new construction to be nearly zero-energy by 2021. VTT is helping to acheive this goal.
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VTT Group company to begin production of micro- and nanoelectronic devices
VTT Memsfab Ltd offers flexible services for the subcontracting of MEMS components, superconductive sensors, customer-specific circuits and special discs.
VTT Review 2010 published
VTT Review is now presented for the first time on separate web pages under VTT web site in the address VTT Review web pages give an overview of VTT's activities and show the latest research results and 2010 news by customer sectors together with the latest publications, videos and references. VTT Review 2010 is available also in print - please order from VTT Communications - as well as in pdf and digipaper format on VTT webpages:
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