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02 | 2009
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 Science - effectiveness - potential of technology
Future biorefineries will take the forest-based industry into a new era
Future Biorefinery, a research programme by Forestcluster Ltd., will create a new national competence platform in processing of wood biomass and thus, stimulate the transformation of the forest cluster. VTT is strongly involved in the research and development work of the programme.
Project launched by VTT develops computer models for predicting dietary effects on health
VTT is launching an extensive EU project called ETHERPATHS, studying the effects of dietary effects mediated by gut microbiota on lipid metabolism. The aim is to accelerate the development of health-promoting foods. The project develops computer assisted models with which food companies and research institutions, for instance, will be able to predict the effects of foods in the body.
 Business from technology - applications
Heterogeneous Technology Alliance to launch 4-Labs
The partners of the Heterogeneous Technology Alliance (HTA), CEA-Leti, CSEM, FhG and VTT have taken the next step of the expansion of their joint initiative. A new company, 4-Labs, has been created with the main mission of commercializing HTA technologies across Europe.
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