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VTT invests in development of electric vehicles
The renewed research environment is also suited for developing and testing heavy vehicles. The new investments provide VTT with an opportunity to develop technologies ranging from components to entire vehicles and machineries. >>
 Extreme weather conditions cost EU’s transport system at least €15 billion annually
The greatest costs incurred are from road accidents, with the associated material damage and psychological suffering. However, costs arising from accidents are expected to decrease in volume, though time-related costs attributable to delays are projected to increase. >>
 Food industry’s high-quality co-streams used effectively as raw material for new products
European, Canadian, African and Indian researchers are developing together new ways of using the substantial co-streams from fish and oil plant processing. Co-streams from the food industry are excellent sources of proteins and healthy oils for use in foods and cosmetics. >>
 VTT and GE Healthcare developing novel biomarkers to predict Alzheimer’s disease
Scientists have recently discovered a serum biochemical signature which predicts progression to Alzheimer’s disease months or even years before the first symptoms of the disease occur. New disease modifying therapies are most likely to be effective when initiated during the early stages of disease. >>
 Heparin-like compounds inhibit breast cancer metastasis to bone
Researchers discovered a novel mechanism regulating the development of breast cancer bone metastases and showed that heparin-like compounds can potentially be used to inhibit breast cancer metastasis to bone. Breast cancer that has metastasized to bone is currently an incurable disease, causing significant morbidity and mortality. >>
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 Brave visions of a smarter world – watch the video!
Can a mirror measure your health, or can a restaurant create fresh superfood from yesterday’s leftovers? Watch five visions of how technology can create a better tomorrow and guess which ones could already be true today. >>
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