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05 | 2010
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 Science - effectiveness - potential of technology
Carbon Capture and Storage technology could have significant role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions
According to VTTīs preliminary calculations a reduction of 10...30% of Finlandīs carbon dioxide emissions could be achieved with CCS technology by 2050. However, this requires that the price for emission allowances rises to 70...90 euro per tonne carbon dioxide by 2050.
VTT printed haemoglobin test on paper
VTT has developed a method of using printing technology to produce simple tests related to health, well-being and the environment. VTT has demonstrated the efficacy of the method by printing a haemoglobin test, i.e. manufactured paper that reveals whether a given sample contains haemoglobin.
 Business from technology - applications
New test equipment enhances police traffic surveillance
Police surveillance of seatbelt compliance and speeding receives a boost with the new test equipment. Developed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, the equipment also measures distance between vehicles, road surface condition and calculates traffic emissions. The test equipment is part of an EU project aimed at improving traffic safety and reducing accidents caused by traffic rule violations. The technical test phase will continue until the end of next year, after which part of the equipment will be ready for production.
New CCTV technology helps prevent terror attacks
Numerous CCTV systems which have the capacity to gather large amounts of image material are in use in public places. For the time being, however, there are no effective ways to analyse the mass of video data automatically and recognise potential risk situations in advance. VTT is involved in an EU research project aimed at developing IT solutions to this end.
New fog warning system in Venice Region pays for itself ten times over
VTT has taken part in the development of a new type of fog warning system in the Venice Region. The system is based on utilising data from land-based visibility sensors and satellite data. One of the first of its kind on a worldwide scale, the system benefits regular motorists as well as authorities, providing reliable warning services that prevent accidents and save costs.
IIASA and VTT: Subsidies and financing could change cooking fuel use in India
  Providing government subsidies for purchasing cooking fuel, as well as making finance available for buying related appliances, could move the rural poor in India from heavy dependence on polluting biomass fuels to more efficient and cleaner combusting LPG fuel. Such subsides are economically justifiable because they could increase labor productivity and nourish economic development among India’s rural poor. These are some of the conclusions of a new study published in Energy Policy (October 2010) by researchers at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Austria, and the VTT Technical Research Center of Finland. (IIASA's press release on 23 Sept. 2010) .
  Topical at VTT
Kemira and VTT to open a joint R&D center in Brazil
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Kemira Oyj are opening a new joint R&D center in São Paulo, Brazil. The R&D center will focus primarily on water chemistry and biomass utilisation applications. The center will start operations in the end of 2010. The primary function of VTT’s new unit in Brazil will be to form partnerships with local enterprises and research institutions in turning biomass into chemicals, energy (biofuels), and pulp-based products. In addition to Kemira, VTT also hopes to form close partnerships with other Finnish enterprises in Brazil. Finnish industrial companies are already operating in the country and many have invested heavily in the local market.
Study: VTT is the most reliable research organization
According toFinnish Science Barometer 2010 research VTT is the most reliable research organization in Finland. The study was conducted by the Finnish Society for Scientific Information and was the fourth entry in the research series started in 2001.

VTT ranked highest of the named research organization with 61 percent of the respondents saying that their trust towards VTT was great or relatively great. 9 percent said that their trust towards VTT was relatively or very diminutive. The study of the Finns’ attitudes towards science and their opinions on scientific and technological progress was carried out by Yhdyskuntatutkimus Oy commissioned by the Finnish Society for Scientific Information. The English version of the Finnish Science Barometer 2010 will be available in early 2011 on the Academy of Finland website at

  Technology and consumer
Birth registration using mobile phones advances civil rights in developing countries
  VTT and Crisis Management Initiative (CMI), an organisation specialised in peace processes and conflict resolution, are to cooperate in a project utilising information and communications technology in developing countries. VTT will carry out a midway evaluation of the CMI project, which aims to apply information and communications technology in communities and societies recovering from crises.
  Other topical
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