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 Efficient processes
Research environment for papermaking processes
SUORA-environment will dramatically improve possibilities to test new products, process concepts and new type of equipment as well as raw materials in realistic papermaking conditions. Planning of the environment has been done together with industry and demands for different kind of research needs can be fulfilled. Environment is ready to serve all interested parties. Since the environment is much smaller than the pilot machines, it enables more cost efficient and faster development of new products and processes. In SUORA new ideas towards the industrial solutions can be easily demonstrated.
Analysis of web breaks and stickies
Paper machines utilising recovered paper often experience considerable runnability and quality problems. Stickies are seen as a major cause of web breaks. But what kinds of stickies, and what other factors are contributing to those problems? VTT's Senior Research Scientist Kristian Salminen had a presentation: “An analysis of web breaks and stickies in a newsprint mill using recovered paper” in the 4th International Symposium on Emerging Technologies of Pulping and Papermaking. See the presentation material behind the read more link.  
  Inspiring technologies
Developments in advanced biocomposites
Biocomposites are materials consisting of bioplastics, natural fibres and/or fillers and additives, which are also preferred to be biomass-based. The utilisation of non-food resources will be one of the main issues and drivers in material development. The variety of biomaterials, the number of material combinations, processing technologies and potential applications offer extensive opportunities but there are many challenges that must be overcome during the development of biocomposites and bioplastics. The next generation of biomaterials are being developed through advanced processing and nanotechnology. VTT has long experience in developing biocomposites for several application areas. Have a look of related publication material behind the link.
Atomic layer deposition for the packaging industry
VTT has developed an ALD-based (Atomic Layer Deposition) method to replace aluminum in packaging applications. Advantages of the ALD process are dense and pinhole-free films, which follow the contours of the coated material. Thanks to the extremely thin and controlled layers, the produced films are flexible to endure the packaging converting processes. In addition, the ALD process is especially suitable for coating of sensitive bio-based materials due to the favorable process conditions. The produced thin bio-based packaging materials have gas permeability properties similar to commercial dry food and pharmaceutical package materials. These features are vital in packages which are meant to protect the product from moisture, drying or oxidation. The deposited material does not affect to the biodegradability of the base material.
  Trailblazing products
Printed haemoglobin test on paper
VTT has developed a method of using printing technology to produce simple tests related to health, well-being and the environment. The efficacy of the method has been demonstrated by printing a haemoglobin test, i.e. manufactured paper that reveals whether a given sample contains haemoglobin. Novel products well-suited for mass production can be created by combining bio, paper and print technology. The technology can be applied in rapid diagnostics or to bring additional features to packaging or labelling. The technology also presents new possibilities for ensuring product authenticity and impeding falsification.
Hybrid media is the future of school books
VTT has recently studied the combination of printed and digital learning materials. The aim was to enrich and enhance the learning experience, and introduce the created concept to the end-users in primary schools. In the hybrid book concept, traditional school book was combined with a mobile phone by using an image recognition application. Our experiences from the project indicate that mobile hybrid book is a suitable learning technology for primary education. The motivation of teachers and pupils was high, and the attitudes of parents supported the use of hybrid book. The printed book alone is not enough anymore, but is not yet disappearing from the schools. The idea of combining the two worlds, printed and digital, was well received.
  Other topical
01.02.2011 PAPTAC, PaperWeek Canada: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
02.02.2011 20th Annual Ink Jet Printing Conference: Tropicana Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada
08.02.2011 Bio-Based Chemicals Europe: Building the Value Chain: Milan, Italy
14.02.2011 Tools of Change for Publishing: New York, USA
16.02.2011 Nano tech 2011: the 10th International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference: Tokyo, Japan
19.02.2011 Nanoscience Conference 2011: Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt
22.02.2011 Sustainability in Packaging 2011: Orlando, Florida, USA
23.02.2011 Pharmapack: Paris, France
See the full listing of events in the field in ForestTech calendar.
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