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ForestTech newsletter 2/2012


A methodology for identifying the right opportunities for a forest biorefinery
Forest biorefinery is considered as potential future business for traditional forest industry. The current pulp and paper (P&P) industry's weak competitiveness and external, often political, pressures make the investment decision making challenging. A methodology was developed for the design and decision making processes to help identifying the right opportunities for a forest biorefinery.
Service innovations in the value chain of printed magazines
Opportunities for renewal of the forest sector exist in innovative services e.g. in the value chain of printed magazines. The print media has faced serious challenges as digitalization affects the use of print products. In order to succeed in competition with digital media, the forest industry must examine thoroughly the whole value chain and its different roles in finding new possibilities for services.
Additional value for packages with Hybrid Media
The packages are expected to carry ever more information in a limited space. One solution is hybrid media, i.e. printing intelligent elements on the packages and obtaining the information with a reading device. VTT studied the best ways to produce additional business to the value chain of packages via already existing technologies for hybrid media.
Companies to standardise nanocellulose viscosity measurements
The EffNet programme for the Forestcluster ltd. is developing energy-efficient and resource-efficient paper and board manufacturing technology, making use of nanocellulose, among other things. As part of this effort, Stora Enso, Kemira, UPM-Kymmene and VTT have decided to standardise their nanocellulose viscosity measurements over the next few months; its development began when the programme was launched a few years ago.
Eletrospinning forms nanoscale fibres
Electrospinning is a fascinating method enabling preparation of submicron and nanofibres from polymeric solutions. Today electrospun fibres are commercially produced in filtration applications, it is widely studied for wide variety of applications world-wide and also electrospinning production lines are commercially available.
World's first pilot factory for printed intelligence industrialisation opened
The grand opening of the PrintoCent Pilot Factory for Printed Intelligence Industrialisation took place on 13 March. The PrintoCent productisation environment at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland premises in Oulu represents the most advanced industrialisation capability and service, being at least two or three years ahead of others. The latest Roll-to-Roll pilot printing line offers unique manufacturing performance to integrate printed intelligence into our everyday consumables and living environment.
VTT technology gives the product package a voice
As the proportion of senior citizens grows, their special needs are gaining momentum. Human eyesight, for example, weakens with age. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has been developing new NFC (Near Field Communication) -based applications that make life easier for people with vision impairments. A group of affected persons recently tested an innovative, speech-based item identification system and new "talking" packaging for medicine and food.
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Upcoming events:
Fibre Value -seminar by VTT Foresttech
You are warmly welcome to join the Fibre Value-seminar organised by VTT ForestTech on Tuesday 17.04.2012 to learn about the latest breakthroughs by VTT in packaging, printed media and biomaterials. The seminar is targeted for all parties in the value networks of printed media and packaging.
DRUPA 2012: VTT presents intelligent print products and sustainable solutions for printing materials.
The international Print Media Fair, Drupa, takes place on the 3rd to 6th of May 2012 in Düsseldorf Germany. At the fair VTT presents latest innovations in the field of print media, but also the effectiveness of research in business with our co-exhibition partner KeepLoop Oy.
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