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Eco-efficient packaging materials and functional packaging technologies are important focus areas of VTT. During the past year, VTT has made significant advances in bringing these technologies closer to commercial applications. Of those, best selected technologies are featured in this newsletter, for example biobarriers, bioactive paper, biobased ink, and augmented reality in packaging.

We are also proud to welcome you to the Interpack packaging fair and VTT stand at 9C20-2 to see real-life demonstrations of the VTT technologies.


Novel biobarrier technologies successfully demonstrated in pilot scale
The number of commercially available biobased and biodegradable barrier technologies is limited. VTT has successfully developed biobarrier technologies and demonstrated them in pilot scale. The biobarriers have performance (e.g. against moisture and oxygen) comparable or exceeding the non-renewable solutions. A set of different packaging demonstrations for various applications are displayed at Interpack.
Active paper enables new functionalities for the consumer products and packages
Paper or board with (bio)active functionalities can help the consumer products industry in need for enhanced functionality. In terms of performance, (bio)active paper can help packaged products in two ways. Firstly, it enables the development of completely new types of products based on novel printed functionalities. Secondly, it can be used in companion products, which can help in the choice and use of the product.
Augmented Reality in Packaging and Advertising
VTT has demonstrated how to make packages and other printed products interactive by using augmented reality -technology. Two examples will be demonstrated at Interpack: a sixpack with an entertaining virtual element and a magazine ad making buying jewellery -buying easier, and more tempting, than ever before!
VTT develops novel environmentally friendly ink product
VTT develops novel environmentally friendly ink product. VTT is developing solutions for truly environmental friendly ink by UV- and aqueous ink designs heading up to 100 % of ingredients from sustainable origin and better recyclability including effective de-inking and total compostability. New ink designs offer also other benefits like better product and work safety, and image advantages. We are looking for partners interested in consortia and/or product development projects.  
Biaxially Oriented PLA-Montmorillonite-Nanocomposite for Barrier Film Applications
Processing of PLA/layered silicate nanocomposite and some properties of biaxially oriented films for food packaging are studied and developed at VTT. Barrier properties of PLA have been improved remarkably by nanoclay loading of 5 w-%, oxygen permeability reduced to less than half of the value of pure PLA and moisture permeability reduced to 50 % of the numerical value for pure PLA.
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