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ForestTech newsletter 3/2012


Best inkjet print density without bleeding by optimized ink and coating interaction
Optimize your print quality and inkjet efficiency with novel information about dye-based inkjet ink imbibition into calcium carbonate (CaCO3) pigmented coatings. The competing mechanisms of liquid flow, absorption and adsorption, are seen as crucial for the development of high quality print. A PhD thesis established the timescale of interactions, both physical and chemical, during dye-based inkjet ink imbibition into calcium carbonate (CaCO3) pigmented coatings.
Biomass sidestreams database project – partners sought
VTT is starting a PPP project (Public Private Partnership) to look for solutions for mapping European biomass sidestreams, in collaboration with companies. Sidestream data is presently scattered in many separate databases, and the combination of these requires concentrated effort. We seek companies to participate and influence the choices and benefit from the results of the project.
First Future Biorefinery (FuBio) programme report published
The Future Biorefinery (FuBio) research programme is one of the largest wood biorefinery R&D projects in Europe. The annual volume of the 5-year programme is app. 10 MEUR. FuBio is coordinated by Forestcluster Ltd, a Finnish Public-Private Partnership (PPP) focusing on pre-competitive research. VTT is one of about 20 owners of the PPP. Furthermore, VTT also has a central role in the execution of the programme.
Fibre Value 2012 seminar recording available
Fibre Value 2012 seminar on 17.04.2012 collected over 130 participants, 50 participants in VTT’s auditorium in Espoo and over 80 viewers over the internet from all over the world to learn and discuss about the latest breakthroughs in packaging, printed media and biomaterials. The recording of the seminar / webinar can be viewed by clicking read more button.
Improved runnability with xylan addition
The effects of cationized birch xylan on wet and dry paper mechanical characteristics was studied. The results made at laboratory scale showed that both initial wet web strength and tensile stiffness were significantly improved as cationized birch xylan was added to pulp. Dry paper tensile strength was also observed to increase by means of xylan addition.
Smooth and flexible filler-nanocellulose composite structure for printed electronics applications
Printed electronics and intelligence applications are developed at a fast pace due to the high estimated market potential. Most of the applications are printed on plastic substrates. Here we present a new type of micro/nanocomposite substrate, which consist of inorganic fillers and nanofibrillar cellulose (NFC). The composite structure can contain 80% filler being still mechanically stable and flexible with extremely smooth and glossy surface with plastic like touch property.
ForestTech special issue for the chemical industry
We have selected some focused news to forest related chemical industry. We will send this special issue of ForestTech newsletter to selected companies in chemical industry next week. You can see the content of the special edition newsletter already today by clicking the Read more -link.
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Upcoming events:
The Service Day
VTT, Aalto Service Factory and Hanken will jointly arrange Service Day Seminar 29.5.2012. The whole seminar is free of charge and open for everyone. So, if you consider this relevant for you, please do not hesitate to register and participate.
DRUPA 2012: VTT presents intelligent print products and sustainable solutions for printing materials.
The international Print Media Fair, Drupa, takes place on the 3rd to 16th of May 2012 in Düsseldorf Germany. At the fair VTT presents latest innovations in the field of print media, but also the effectiveness of research in business with our co-exhibition partner KeepLoop Oy.
See the full listing of events in the field in ForestTech calendar.
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