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This special issue of the ForestTech newsletter is aimed to promote the VTT research results in forest value chains for the global chemical industry. The connection between forest and chemical industries has been vital and by the global trend towards renewing the value chains it is even increasing in importance. The newsletter illustrates highlights of the VTT work in the area of new renewable and functional materials.

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Biobased films and barrier coatings from hemicelluloses
Hemicelluloses may become readily available if the production of dissolving pulp increases significantly, eg. in case of wood-based fibres to replace e.g. synthetic textile and cotton fibres. Modification methods for the abundant natural polymers cellulose and xylan have been developed after pulp extraction and concentration of xylan. In projects by VTT etherifications and esterifications of the polysaccharides were performed using among other propylene oxide and analogues as well as acetic anhydride and analogues.
Sugar acids - Building blocks for a bio-based future
Several organic acids, e.g. acetic, citric and lactic acids are produced biotechnically in industrial scale. Production processes of novel sugar acids have been developed via efficient new biosynthetic pathways to suitable production hosts. In addition, environmental conditions for high production levels are considered and optimized. The sugar acids can be applied as precursors for polymers.
Novel polyesters for hotmelts and adhesives from black liquor
One major side stream in paper industry is the black liquor from kraft pulp process. Black liquor consists of numerous degradation products of polysaccharides among which up to 29 wt% of black liquor dry content consists of a broad range of different, mainly hydroxy acids. These acids include glycolic acid (GA), racemic lactic acid (LA), and racemic 2-hydroxybutyric acid (2HBA). The possibility to utilize the three components in interpolymers eg. hotmelts with varying compositions without further separation reduce the need of challenging fractionation technologies in future biorefineries.
Bio-based latexes for paper coating applications
The paper/board manufacturers target to replace the current oil-based products. Earlier VTT has developed starch and later hemicellulose based dispersions for paper coating applications. Now VTT has proven competence to polymerize novel latexes and test their performance in coating application. The emulsion polymerizations had two aims: to produce SB-type products for the coating application in which the styrene monomer is replaced with alternative monomers.
Bio-based adhesives for environmentally friendly package and wood products
New challenges are faced by adhesive manufacturers through increase in the price of petroleum and request of low-emission chemicals. VTT has developed formulations on price-competitive adhesives based on natural and renewable raw materials for environmentally friendly end products, such as formaldehyde free starch based adhesives for gluing of fiber based products and tannin components replacing phenolic gluing wood composites such as chip boards, plywood and fiber boards.
Novel materials build completely bio-based and biodegradable packaging
The packaging demonstrators made in VTT's Industrial Biomaterial program proved that making completely bio-based and biodegradable packaging from renewable sources is possible. Now we challenge industry to implement such products in their production. One of the packaging demonstrators is a candy bag having a circle translucent window prepared using translucent paper technique. Another bio-based packaging demonstrator is a sandwich package with a transparent window made from hemicellulose-based film.
Fibre Value 2012 webinar - view the recording
VTT ForestTech organised a Fibre Value 2012 seminar on 17.04.2012. The seminar is also available as a webinar. Fibre Value 2012 collected over 130 participants, 50 participants in VTT's auditorium in Espoo and over 80 viewers over the internet from all over the world to learn and discuss about the latest breakthroughs in packaging, printed media and biomaterials. The recording of the seminar / webinar can be viewed by clicking read more button.
Biomass sidestreams database project – partners sought
VTT is starting a PPP project (Public Private Partnership) to look for solutions for mapping European biomass sidestreams, in collaboration with companies. Sidestream data is presently scattered in many separate databases, and the combination of these requires concentrated effort. We seek companies to participate and influence the choices and benefit from the results of the project.
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VTT's process chemistry pilots have on open house in September 2012
VTT offers trial services for industry from laboratories to pilot scale. Process chemistry pilots are equipped according to the needs of food-, chemical- and process industry. VTT organizes Customer days in September, when you can get acquainted with our pilot facilities, equipment and personnel. There will be trial and device demonstrations and possibility to test own materials. In addition, the device suppliers are available for giving detailed information about the process equipment.
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