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Nanocellulose gave good runnability and improved strength properties in SUORA-pilot trials
The potential for using of micro and nanofibrillated cellulose as a reinforcing element in paper and board based packaging was tested in SUORA-pilot trials of UPM and VTT. Paper strength properties were improved. The runnability in the tests was found to be good as well.
New technology reduces energy consumption in mechanical pulping
Pre-treatment of wood chips by electron-beam irradiation enables energy savings in mechanical pulping. In tests with different wood species in TMP-refining the potential reduction in specific energy consumption varied between 25 and 40%.
Biomass Sidestreams database
The “Biomass Sidestreams database”-project by VTT will deliver a practical tool for identifying European biomass sources. The tool will be utilised by the companies interested either in using different types of biomass in production, and also by those who wish to create new business based on selling the biomass sidestreams. There is room for more industrial partners in the project.
Optimise the service life of wood products and buildings
The success of wood product development and building planning can be substantially improved with newly developed modelling tools. The new knowledge and models on the durability and service life of wood has been produced by cross-scientific approach combining VTT’s expertise on biotechnology, material science, meteorology and building physics. The modelling can be used for evaluation the fitness of different products for optimising their service life.
Direct printing of packages demonstrated
Printing packages at the filling line will revolutionize the role of packaging as a marketing media. It will also have big influences on package logistics, warehouse costs and packaging chain as a whole. However, integration of printing in packaging line has been challenging, especially if there is a need for several colors. VTT has studied and demonstrated the potential inkjet technology in printing directly on package surface when package is already in its final form, enabling the production of localized packages and other targeted or even personalised applications.
Facilitated co-design with users in the social media tool Owela
Bringing new products to the market, let them be media or packaging applications, includes always a risk of failure. Social media tools can be used to lower the risk by involving the consumers already in the beginning of the innovation process. VTT’s Owela online tool has proven to be an efficient tool supporting the involvement of users.
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Upcoming events:
VTT brings R&D highlights to ABTCP2012 in Sao Paulo
Meet VTT’s experts 9. - 11.10. at the booth 198 / 7C. We present services and technologies in the area of pulp and paper innovations, biotechnical and chemical processes, water technologies and bioenergy concepts. Learn also about our new philosophy of process analysis and troubleshooting.
Industrial biomaterials seminar and webinar
VTT is inviting you to participate a seminar on Industrial biomaterials held on 22.11.12 at Dipoli Congress Centre in Espoo, Finland. The seminar will also be available as a webcast.
VTT’s process chemistry pilots open house
VTT organizes Customer days 2-3.10., when you can get acquainted with our pilot facilities, equipment and personnel. There will be trial and device demonstrations and possibility to test own materials. In addition, the device suppliers are available for giving detailed information about the process equipment.
See the full listing of events in the field in ForestTech calendar.
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