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In which group do YOU belong? Your media consumption determines your type
In which group do YOU belong? Are you possibly a puritan, firmly on the social media bandwagon or all about mix-and-matching media? VTT’s research determines your type and clarifies people’s attitudes towards advertisements in different media channels.
Improve the smoothness/bulk relationship with a pure fines layer on the paper surface
One of the most desired targets of papermakers has always been to produce smooth papers with high bulk. One way to reach the target is by redistributing the fines from the base paper to the surface of the paper. This approach was studied with modern tools at VTT.
Biodegradable substrates can be used for printed electronics applications – nanocellulose composite demonstrated
In printed electronics, most of the components and structures are printed on substrates made of synthetic materials, such as plastics, ceramics or silicon. A micro/nanocomposite substrate, which consists of inorganic pigment fillers and nano-fibrillar cellulose (NFC), can contain up to 90% pigment filler being still mechanically stable and flexible. The combination of a good dimensional stability with a low surface roughness, low material costs and good printability makes these biodegradable substrates potential for printed electronics applications. In particular, they could replace oil-based plastics in some applications.
Demonstrate and test your packaging materials and concept
The power of concrete demonstrators is becoming more and more important when developing new packaging materials and concepts. VTT can now offer services to cover the whole product development process from material development up to ready packages. Our service includes flexible cutting and creasing which is needed to finalise attractive packaging samples.
Here they are: VTT’s new packaging materials as attractive demonstration packages
VTT has lauched attractive demonstration packages during the last years to concretise the technology developmet and gained great interest from customers as well as media. Biobased barrier coatings, biobased films, ALD (atomic layer deposition) technology, translucent and mouldable fibre technologies as well as bioactive board have been incorporated in the demonstration packages.
New biopolymer foams line for proof-of-concept trials
Biopolymer foams present an interesting eco-friendly alternative for example for food trays, car interior parts or insulation and structural parts in various building and construction applications. Flexible proof-of-concept trials are available as a new tandem extrusion foaming line has been recently installed at VTT’s plastics pilot hall in Tampere. The line is specifically designed for biomaterials.
Secure buildings and materials by advanced detection of microbes
For safe use of the materials in buildings and especially for good indoor air quality, the role of microbes is important. Security and well-being of users depend on prevention and control of microbes and organisms. Advanced detection and analysing methods are essential tools for right decisions both in planning and maintaining phases. VTT has applied microbiology technologies from other industries to benefit the building and wood product branch.
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Upcoming events:
Industrial biomaterials seminar and webinar
VTT is inviting you to participate a seminar on Industrial biomaterials held on 22.11.12 at Dipoli Congress Centre in Espoo, Finland. The seminar will also be available as a webcast.
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