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Thank you for your encouraging responses on the publication of our first Optical Solutions newsletter in April. Based on the feedback received, the first newsletter has been a great success. We hope the featured articles continue to be of special interest and relevance to your business. For this edition, we turn the focus to handheld devices, where the current development is towards small-size, hand-held, easy-to-use, wireless and low-cost instrumentation. We present some showcase examples of how conventional measurement capability is being integrated into portable devices.

In addition, we would like to remind all SME companies of the November 2012 deadline for EU-SME calls. EU-SME projects offer an effective means of accessing R&D funding for new product development and for building networks between companies and research organizations (http://ec.europa.eu/research/sme-techweb/pdf/use_diffuse.pdf). VTT has an excellent network of industrial partners looking to offer technologies and partnerships. VTT is currently gathering ideas from SMEs for the next call. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about this opportunity.

Your continued feedback on the newsletter is highly valued and will assist us in improving its content and keeping it on-track and relevant. Let us know which articles you found most beneficial.

Best wishes for the summer season,

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Biolin Scientific launches first-of-kind portable and standalone contact angle meter
Biolin Scientific has released the world’s first portable and standalone contact angle meter. The device has been developed in close collaboration with VTT. The Attension Theta QC is designed for at-line quality control and quick analysis of surfaces and surface treatments. >>
KeepLoop, VTT’s spin-off, announces world-first digital mobile 3D microscope
KeepLoop has developed together with VTT the world’s first digital mobile 3D microscope. The Mobile 3D microscope, capable of measuring surface microtopography, was demonstrated at the drupa 2012 exhibition in Dusseldorf. The system is entirely portable and the software operation intuitive with touch screen controls. >>
VTT creates new business from optical handheld devices
The business trend for new optical devices has been towards small-size, hand-held, easy-to-use, wireless, high-performance and low-cost instruments. This has provided the motivation for VTT to explore and create new concepts for the design and construction of hand-held and portable analyzers. >>
OPTEC Factory helps customers commercialise technologies

VTT, Millog Oy, Exens Development Oy and Peura Oy have established the OPTEC Factory consortium to offer R&D and manufacturing services for optical and embedded devices. OPTEC Factory combines the special skills and resources needed for research, development, production and maintenance within a single consortium covering the whole product development chain from innovation to production – thus helping customers reduce the time needed for commercialization. >>

VTT’s light source for fundus cameras reveals more about the retina
VTT has developed a MEMS-based Fabry-Perot interferometer which could serve as a tuneable optical filter for use with spectral cameras and light sources. VTT’s Fabry-Perot technology enables the development of a fast handheld fundus camera that can be used for future screening of eye diseases. For example, changes in the retina can be detected with spectral imaging and the information used in early diagnostics of diabetes. >>
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