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VTT is hiring entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs are probably not the first thing on your mind when you imagine VTT's ideal recruitment candidate. But when you think of it, hiring entrepreneurs makes a lot of sense for VTT.

Teemu Haapala started his technology entrepreneur career through VTT's Entrepreneur-in-Residence program.

”With 2,300 researchers and €280 million of annual R&D spending, VTT is a major source of intellectual property. Every year we evaluate hundreds of new ideas, and launch a few new spin-off companies based on the most promising technologies”, says Antti Sinisalo, CEO of VTT Ventures Ltd.

VTT Ventures is a development company owned by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. The company is tasked with developing high-tech companies with international growth potential – based on VTT technology.

”With direct access to VTT's research, we are not short of ideas and IPR. But we need talented entrepreneurs and venture capital partners to build growth companies”, Sinisalo says. Entrepreneur-in-Residence at VTT Ventures

Many of the entrepreneurs working in VTT's spin-offs have been recruited through the Entrepreneur-in-Residence program. The in-house entrepreneurial development program is designed for those with entrepreneurial experience or an appropriate background.

The entrepreneurs are expected to lead an incubation project together with VTT researchers. They produce a business plan and an investor pitch, and build a startup founder team. After a successful incubation project, the entrepreneurs will take the lead as startup CEOs.

Access to ideas, patents and key people at VTT

Teemu Haapala, Product Development Director of Hookie Technologies Ltd, is one of the entrepreneurs with hands-on experience of VTT Ventures' Entrepreneur-in-Residence program.

Hookie’s mission is to provide active users with information of the physical activities they have been engaged in. Monitoring physical activities and sharing the resulting information should be easy, rewarding and fun while motivating people to be more active. Hookie provides this information.

”With Entrepreneur-in-Residence program I got the opportunity to develop our business idea with full support of the VTT researchers involved. I needed to find the right ideas and patents, and to create relationships to the key people at VTT to take thing forward”, Haapala says.

Opportunities in biotech, electronics and software

”Currently we have a number of interesting projects running in the stealth mode. We are looking for entrepreneurs especially in biotech, electronics and software”, Sinisalo says.

More information of the VTT Ventures' Entrepreneur-in-Residence program is available on the VTT Ventures website:


VTT Ventures Ltd.’s mission is to focus on extracting value from VTT technology in developing VTT based high-tech companies with international growth potential.The company actively seeks talented and experienced entrepreneurs to champion the commercialization of its technology. VTT Ventures provides the entrepreneurs with professional business development support together with its public and private innovation partners to facilitate the spin-off process from business planning to funding. VTT Ventures co-invests in its spin-offs with private investors. VTT Ventures’s goal is to stimulate innovation in Finland and to receive a return on its pre-seed and seed capital investments. VTT Ventures’s spin-off portfolio includes 20 companies in start-up phase.