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14.6.2012 klo 8:30 - 16:30

Workshop on energy management in local communities

Kulttuurikeskus Vanha Paukku, Kustaa Tiitun tie 1, Lapua

The workshop is designed for representatives of communities, governmental bodies, energy agencies, owners of public and private buildings, designers, investors, energy service providers and other interested institutions and persons.


  • Researchers working on energy management and smart grid studies and demonstrations in national and Europe projects

  • Experts from companies involved in advanced communal energy monitoring, management and RES applications.

Seminar content: 

  • Energy efficiency & RES challenges in Austria and Switzerland

  • Community scale energy supply and demand management: GIS-analysis and e-maps, GIS tool, Optimisation of Small scale co- and poly-generation

  • Life cycle assessment in decision-making on local energy management

  • Future market price of electricity – effects on communal energy management

  • Demand side management – local and global energy systems

  • Demand response - an energy management tool

  • Energy monitoring and control – basis for all sensible energy management locally and globally

  • Advanced management tool for design and operation of entire district heating system

  • Small scale co-generation in a village – biomass gasification pilot.

  • Visit CHP-DH Energy Utility of Lapua Energy


We are kindly asking the participants to register by 8.6.2012 by mailto:minna.harju@thermopolis.fi or phone on +358 40 960 6976.

Participation is free of charge

More information on registration and programme, link Invitation


Aulis Ranne
Johtava tutkija
020 722 6424




Aulis Ranne
Johtava tutkija
020 722 6424