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Biolin Scientific launches first-of-kind portable and standalone contact angle meter

Biolin Scientific has released the world’s first portable and standalone contact angle meter. The device has been developed in close collaboration with VTT. The Attension Theta QC is designed for at-line quality control and quick checks of surfaces and surface treatments.

The new Theta QC delivers precise, fast and convenient quality control measurements of surface properties. It can be used to control the quality of paints, coatings, paper, packaging and semiconductors, to name a few. The Theta QC enables quick and scientific control of surface homogeneity, wettability, adhesion, printability, surface free energy, sorption and cleanliness. It can also be used to characterize liquid interaction with substrates, for instance to study plastic film printability with inks or paint spreading on a given substrate.

Theta QC is based on VTT’s experience in optical device integration technologies. It is the first contact angle meter to be completely wireless, standalone and hand-held. Its local user interface and data analysis enable optimal freedom of movement and on-site location when performing measurements of production lines and workshops.

Automatic measurement without sample preparation, single push button operation and highly repeatable technology together with improved measurement geometry validate the Theta QC as a convenient and reliable solution for at-line quality control. Theta QC uses low-cost custom optics and a highly accurate dispenser with inexpensive and easily interchangeable commercial syringe, all integrated into a small portable instrument.

View a demo video of the Theta QC

Further information:

Maiju Pykönen, Product Manager, Biolin Scientific