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KeepLoop, VTT’s spin-off, announces world-first digital mobile 3D microscope

KeepLoop has developed together with VTT the world’s first digital mobile 3D microscope. The Mobile 3D microscope prototype, capable of measuring surface microtopography, was demonstrated at the drupa 2012 exhibition in Dusseldorf. The system is entirely portable and the software operation intuitive with touch screen controls.

The KeepLoop 3D microscope measures surface topography over an area of around 5 x 5 mm at ~10 µm resolution. Using the photometric stereo machine vision technique, three images with different illumination are combined and 3D data is calculated by a special algorithm. The calculation and user interface software were developed initially for the Android 4.0 operating system. The system is based on a custom-made optoelectronics device that attaches to the master device and forms the 3D microscope together with the proprietary software. The technology can be implemented in mobile phones or tablets.

The 3D calculation algorithm is based on VTT's profound expertise in the area of dimension measurement technology. VTT has more than 20 years’ experience in developing surface quality monitoring systems for process industries based on camera-based technologies. VTT’s competencies in 3D measurement were utilised to cost-efficiently integrate the measurement solution into a mobile platform. The implementation was made on the Android OS and can be used by both mobile phones and tablets.

The fully functional mobile 3D microscope prototype was demonstrated at the drupa exhibition held in May 2012 in Düsseldorf, and the microscope has aroused considerable interest in different customer segments. For example, the inspection of printing tools and machined surfaces are seen as extremely promising applications for the new technology.

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