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OPTEC Factory helps customers commercialise technologies

VTT, Millog Oy, Exens Development Oy and Peura Oy have established the OPTEC Factory consortium to offer R&D and manufacturing services for optical and embedded devices. OPTEC Factory combines the special skills and resources needed for research, development, production and maintenance within a single consortium covering the whole product development chain from innovation to production – thus helping customers reduce the time needed for commercialization.

OPTEC Factory covers the whole innovation and value chain, from research to efficient productization and cost-effective manufacturing. VTT has one of the biggest expert teams in the world in the field of optical measurement technology. Exens Development specializes in the development and productization of embedded devices and systems based on electronics, software and mechanics. Engineering Agency Peura specializes in precision and fine mechanics design, while Millog brings their expertise in special optics, manufacturing and maintenance.

OPTEC Factory’s business idea is to design, develop and manufacture optoelectronic and other electronic sensors, instruments and measurement devices for customers in selected markets. The OPTEC Factory customer portfolio consists of companies in the sensor, medical, environmental, process and defence industries worldwide.

The added value of OPTEC Factory is to offer a one-stop-shop for the R&D and manufacture of new, innovative products. The current trend is increasingly towards outsourcing not only manufacturing but also all R&D from a single source. This typically reduces the costs and resource requirements of development, while also shortening the time-to-market for new products.

“The first reference cases have been brought from concept to production. This has proven both to us and to our customers that our operational model is able to achieve a seamless path from idea to end product, minimizing total work levels and development time. This is the promise which we would like to give our customers and how we believe OPTEC Factory stands apart from the competition. I see VTT as playing a key role especially in the early-phase innovation process, and in providing market-proven technology platforms to speed up the development phase“, says Juha Lyijynen, Business Director of OPTEC Factory.

Further information:

Juha Lyijynen
Tel. +358 44 0636 500

OPTEC Factory