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Innopharma Labs - seeing the unseen



Innopharma Labs – seeing the unseen

Innopharma Labs is an Irish-based company providing technology and education solutions for the pharmaceutical development and manufacturing industry. Innopharma Labs offers turnkey solutions for increasing the competitiveness of pharmaceutical companies. VTT and Innopharma Labs have collaborated in the field of process analytical technology (PAT) products, which are tailor-made for the pharmaceutical sector and assist in the control of blending, granulation, roller compaction/milling, compression and packaging processes.

Ian Jones is the founder and CEO of Innopharma Labs. Prior to founding this company he worked for 11 years within the Irish manufacturing industry; the first 3 years were spent in the food & beverage industry, before moving into pharmaceutical manufacturing to work for 8 years in the Technology Department of Pfizer at Newbridge (formerly Wyeth pharmaceuticals).

Find Ian’s thoughts about Innopharma Labs and VTT’s collaboration below:

Ian, what are Innopharma Labs main products? 
“Innopharma Labs develops and commercialises tailor-made process analysers for the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector. Our products help customers reduce scale-up time, reduce product losses and improve their yields. Our Eyecon 3D particle characteriser provides surface morphology, shape and size information in-line and in real-time for granulation, milling and spheronising processes. Since its launch in 2011 it has already been installed with pharmaceutical industry and academic customers in the US and in the EU.”

Which kind of value do your products create for your customers?
“Our analysers help customers understand their manufacturing processes at a deeper level, ensuring more accurate formulation development, quicker scale-up times and greater control during commercial manufacturing of their high-value products. This greater knowledge and control leads to reduced manufacturing costs and, ultimately, greater patient safety.”

How do you see Innopharma Labs in five years’ time? Where would you like to be as a company?
“Innopharma Labs will have 7 PAT analysers on the market by the end of 2014. These analysers will cover every step in a typical small molecule manufacturing process. We will also look at applying our analysers to biotechnology processes as well as other industries.”

How is collaboration going with VTT? What are the things you appreciate most in this collaboration?
“Unlike a lot of research institutions, VTT are excellent project managers. Innopharma Labs love collaborating with VTT. VTT have been our R&D department for the past three years! We use our knowledge of the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector and their knowledge of sensors to develop our innovative products for our customers. This is true synergy at work!”

What do you mean by “ Seeing the unseen”?
“We want our customers to really see what is going on within their manufacturing processes. This is not possible without analytical technologies because a lot of this activity is happening within blenders, granulators and tablet presses - where we can't get our eyes!! This is how our technologies help our customers to really see the unseen”

Ian, thanks for the interview. We wish all the best for your business.

Additional information:

Ian Jones
CEO&Founder, Innopharma Labs

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