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PROMIS Centre offers an innovative R&D facility for the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry



PROMIS Centre offers an innovative R&D facility for the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry

The PROMIS Centre is a multidisciplinary research consortium developing and using new methods for the analysis and optimisation of pharmaceutical processes. The latest investment at the PROMIS Centre is a continuous powder to tablet roller-compaction line. This enables the development of new drug manufacturing practices and integration of in-line measurement systems. The pilot line combines the latest measurement, automation and control solutions in pilot scale.

The PROMIS Centre pilot line offers an excellent R&D project environment for new drug manufacturing concept R&D projects. The PROMIS Centre utilises both the process measurement expertise of VTT and the simulation and process know-how of the University of Eastern Finland. This multidisciplinary research expertise and significant investment in pilot lines makes the PROMIS Centre a very attractive collaboration partner for pharmaceutical and sensor & automation companies.

“A new continuous roller-compaction tableting pilot line has been installed at the PROMIS Centre laboratory and will be used to develop new and efficient ways for manufacturing tablets. We would like to see our investment in the PROMIS Centre playing an important role in the development of more efficient pharmaceutical manufacturing concepts in Finland and Europe,” says PROMIS Centre Director Jarkko Ketolainen.

VTT has studied process analytical technologies (PAT) for close to ten years. Over the past three years development has focused on continuous pharmaceutical process measurements. VTT coordinates the Tekes-funded research project CoCo (Continuous processing, monitoring & Control in pharmaceutical manufacturing), where the main research themes involve study of new continuous manufacturing concepts for dry and wet granulation, blending and tableting. VTT utilises an extended experience of multipoint NIR and Raman measurements and imaging technologies in research and pilot environments.

Process analytical technologies (PAT) can be used to design, analyse and control pharmaceutical manufacturing processes through the measurement of critical process parameters (CPP). These affect the critical quality attributes (CQA) of the manufactured products. Measurement of CPP enables greater efficiency and provides real-time process control tools for the pharmaceutical industry.

More info:

Mikko Juuti
Key Account Manager
+358 40 485 8826

Janne Suhonen
Key Account Manager
+358 40 702 3285

”Continuous Wet Granulation Process: Granule Properties and In-line Process Monitoring”,
Kristiina Järvinen, Maunu Toiviainen, Maiju Järvinen, and Mikko Juuti, American Pharmaceutical Review, Oct. 2012