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Thermal efficiency enables brighter LED lights and material cost savings



Thermal efficiency enables brighter LED lights and material cost savings

LightTherm Ltd, a new VTT spin-off company, provides new integration technologies for LED luminaire and LED lamp manufacturing companies. The benefits compared with current solutions are higher light output, smaller lamps and luminaires and leaner LED structures. The solution also raises LED structures to new performance levels.

The estimated size of the global market for LED lamps will be approximately USD 30 billion and 1.1 billion units by 2013. One major problem with LEDs is the heat sensitivity of the technology. Overheating will shorten the LED’s lifetime considerably, and as the temperature rises, light output will be much smaller than indicated.

Wide and rapid adoption of LED lighting requires solutions to reduce structural costs and the complexity of the LED luminaire and LED lamp structures, while responding to the technical challenges set by LEDs. VTT’s competencies cover development and verification of LED interconnection technologies.

Enhancing LED interconnection methods can yield better thermal characteristics and cooler junction temperatures. This can be turned into a higher light output or smaller heat sinks for the lamps, providing new business opportunities for all kind of luminaire and lamp manufacturers. Thermal efficiency combined with new materials in the lamp body can create huge cost savings in materials e.g. replacing aluminum with standard plastics.

LightTherm's verified technologies provide a significant advantage over the heat management challenge in LEDs faced by ordinary MCPCB or thick film-based interconnection methods. LightTherm technologies also simplify LED structures and provide a major opportunity for cost-reduction. The technologies are based on years of development, characterization and lifetime testing work carried out at VTT.

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