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Doctoral Dissertation: Value in Experience - Design and Evaluation Framework Based on Case Studies of Novel Mobile Services


The doctoral dissertation of Mari Ervasti, Master of Science, will be examined at Tampere University of Technology in November 23.

In order to gain sustainable competitive advantage, businesses need to understand and identify what is important for and what motivates the today’s demanding consumers to use the service. It is not enough to merely provide products and services – competitive advantage is only achieved by providing value for users.

The concept of ‘value’ has received extensive interest in research in the fields of psychology, marketing and, more recently, in human-computer interaction (HCI). Gaining insights into users’ personal values can lead to a better understanding of user behaviour and choices. Our values guide us when we form certain expectations and desirable goals for user experience, and serve as criteria for evaluating our experiences with a service. However, the concept of value is not clearly defined, and researchers have produced differing views on the conceptualization of the construct. Even though user experiences are the basis for user experienced value, the relationship between user experience and value has not gained much attention.

The goal of this dissertation is to develop an empirically-grounded understanding of user experienced value, and to identify the values prioritized by users in specific service contexts. The focus is on novel mobile service solutions, taking into account the viewpoint of different user groups. Achieving a deeper understanding of different user groups and their motivations will greatly help design successful mobile services for target user populations.

MSc Mari Ervasti will publicly defend her doctoral thesis “Value in Experience - Design and Evaluation Framework Based on Case Studies of Novel Mobile Services” on Friday, 23rd November 2012 starting at 12 in Tietotalo building, Auditorium TB104 at Tampere University of Technology, Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering.

Prof. Gilbert Cockton (Northumbria University, UK) and Dr. Marianna Obrist (Newcastle University, UK) will act as the opponents. The Custos is Prof. Kaisa Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila from Department of Software Systems, Human-Centered Technology.

Ervasti’s doctoral dissertation as a pdf: