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FocalSpec commercializes fast and accurate surface measurement technology

FocalSpec, VTT’s spin-off, has delivered two measurement sensor systems to Outokumpu Stainless Steel. FocalSpec has introduced their new SQM 1200 sensor system, which provides simultaneous non-contact gloss and surface micro-topography measurements.

The SQM 1200 is designed to measure surface gloss and micro-scale gloss profiles on metal surfaces, combined with submicron-accurate surface topography measurements. The system provides high resolution information for accurate surface characterization. The non-contact operation allows continuous quality monitoring of the production process.

FocalSpec’s fast and accurate solution

FocalSpec Oy uses the lateral chromatic aberration (LCA) technique to develop and manufacture nanometer (nm) accurate surface topography, gloss measuring sensors, and devices for high speed online applications. The LCA technique is fast, accurate, and immune to many of the disturbances that are present in an industrial environment. It is applicable to diffuse, glossy, colored and transparent surfaces. The technique can also be applied to thickness measurement of transparent objects and transparent coatings on non-transparent objects, as well as to total thickness measurement of non-transparent objects.

The solution is based on the instant topography of a strip of 1200 points, which enables differential and accurate measurement of moving and vibrating objects. The required system is a 3D camera for high accuracy online surface analysis.

The advantages of the lateral chromatic imaging technique are:

• excellent resolution, orders of magnitude better than conventional techniques

• high dynamic range, with a Z-range that can be adjusted according to the application

• instant topography of a line of 1200 points

• high sampling speed

• wide application range

• applicability to all surface types: diffuse, glossy, transparent

• real-time data processing and control by an internal digital signal processor (DSP)

Basic information on FocalSpec

FocalSpec’s business is based on the continuing development of applications for the patented LCA technique, originally developed at VTT. The firm was founded in 2009. Its investors are experienced entrepreneurs with an excellent track record in building and growing new businesses. By 2015, the company’s turn-over is expected to exceed 5 million euros and the number of employees to exceed 20. Operations will be based in Oulu, Finland.

More information

Heimo Keränen, Sales and Business Development, tel. +358 10 231 2811,
heimo.keranen (at)