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10.12.2014 - Offcode and Coatema develop solutions for printed electronics measurement and control

10.12.2014 - Finnish researchers developed new printing method for mass production of thin film transistors

10.12.2014 - The world of advertising revolutionised by a Finnish technology company

10.12.2014 - Beauty patch developed by VTT generates its power from sugar and air

26.11.2014 - VTT develops a simple but extremely sensitive magnetometer

26.11.2014 - Omnidirectional lens captures 360 degree panoramic view

26.11.2014 - Dynamic lighting for retail environments

26.11.2014 - Sensitive and low-cost sensor structures using nanoimprint technology

20.10.2014 - Merja Penttilä appointed to the International Selection Committee of the Millenium Technology Prize

17.10.2014 - Dissertation: From LED die to a lighting system - power savings of more than 40% with smart control

30.09.2014 - Uusi puu 2014 -project increases awareness of wood-based bioeconomy products

29.09.2014 - Ali Harlin tutoring participants in virtual science training pilot

09.09.2014 - Doctoral Dissertation: Efficiency and smooth flow of data for future wireless data communications needs

04.09.2014 - CAESIE Priming Grants Second Call 2014

27.08.2014 - Dissertation: Sensitive and low-cost sensor structures using nanoimprint technology

26.08.2014 - Dissertation: New properties for wood fibres

18.06.2014 - Innovative methods for valorisation of lignocellulosic biomass side streams to chemicals and materials

10.06.2014 - VTT and Andritz Oy measure recovery boilers using high?speed infrared imaging

10.06.2014 - Companies commercialise VTT technology that miniaturises measuring devices

10.06.2014 - VTT spin-offs in optical sensing are now represented in Central Europe by "OptoSolutions"

10.06.2014 - Spectral Engines Oy brings revolutionary MEMS-sensors for industrial applications

04.06.2014 - Dissertation: Impact of water content on enzymatic modification of wheat bran

04.06.2014 - Dissertation: Organic acids future raw material for the chemical industry

03.06.2014 - Newolo and VTT create a preventive online solution against stress

30.05.2014 - Dissertation: Utilizing large datasets to allow earlier diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease

10.04.2014 - European Commissioner for research and innovation: Energy alliance marks a decisive break from the past

03.04.2014 - Dissertation in the field of telecommunications

27.03.2014 - Photonics integration on silicon for sensing, imaging and communication

27.03.2014 - Selected publications

27.03.2014 - VTT Node improves reliability and productivity of machinery in the field

27.03.2014 - VTT helps Metso Automation gain a position as market leader in on-line paper quality measurements

27.03.2014 - New super-sensitive solutions for the measurement of volatile organic compounds

07.03.2014 - European collaboration to develop highly efficient organic solar cells

27.02.2014 - TransSmart spearhead programme coordinated by VTT agreed on MoU with Fintrip

27.02.2014 - Fleet tests of UPM?s wood-based diesel show great results at VTT

13.02.2014 - Dissertation in the field of organic chemistry

22.01.2014 - Dissertation: new methods for monitoring bioprocesses