Investments in ICT business development delivering results

Internationalisation has been vital for the business development of ICT companies. Behind the success stories, factors such as increased level of commercialisation, successful customer relationship management and continuously maintained employee satisfaction can be seen as contributing to the company's success. Nevertheless, business in the ICT industry is driven by technology, its development and intelligent application for the benefit of the customers. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has been involved in many success stories. The co-operation with F-Secure, for example, created cost savings of nearly 70% in the customer's product development.

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Stereo picture by additional application

New 3D technology gives old games new lease of life

VTT has developed a stereo picture application for 3D games. The new plug-in, registered as "StereoGames", transforms the existing 3D game to a stereo game that utilizes the stereoscopic vision – even though the game didn’t have this feature originally. The new depth dimension gives the old games a new lease of life, thus eliminating the need for investing in a completely new game. The easily installable plug-in is suitable for PC games, mobile phone games, game consoles, digital television applications, animations and online games. Negotiations with several software development companies have already begun, and the launch of StereoGames for PC games is expexted within the next year. This plug-in makes it possible to add stereo information to mobile phone camera pictures, too. 

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VTT is an impartial expert organisation. Its objective is to develop new technologies, create new innovations and value added thus increasing customer's competencies. With its know how VTT produces research, development, testing and information services to public sector and companies as well as international organisations.