Samsung Engineering & Construction purchased the right to build an indoor air simulator

Samsung Engineering & Construction, the Korean construction company, has purchased the right to build the Sissi indoor air simulator developed by VTT. The simulator can be used to test the performance of structures and coatings and to measure the concentrations of odours or chemical compounds released by materials. For consumers, the careful testing of structures is experienced e.g. in the better quality of indoor air.

The Sissi indoor air simulator developed by VTT is a laboratory comprising two separate chambers and a convertible partition wall, which enables the measurement of entire structures and their odour and chemical emissions. This means that the testing conditions better correspond to real-life conditions compared to if single-chamber devices are used. Traditional devices have only allowed the testing of individual materials.

The odours and chemical compounds released by materials or coatings can be unpleasant or hazardous to health if present in sufficiently high concentrations in the air. Typical sources of odour in indoor air are newly painted surfaces, furniture and varnished floors.

Samsung Engineering & Construction is the leading construction company in Korea. It is part of the Samsung Group.


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