02 | 2006


Wake up EU, competitiveness comes from R&D

Finland will start to chair its half year long EU presidency as of July 1. This presidency is challenging now that there are questions on the agenda related to EU's coherence, economic performance and competencies. The enactment of the EU constitution in some member states has been up the wind, which has created precautions on the political level. There are issues on the presidency agenda where Finland can show good records and at the same time hopefully encourage other countries to take profit of Finland's experience. The presiding country, can show track records of declining unemployment and  controlled growth of its national economy during the past few years.

During its presidency Finland has set as one of the key objectives the question of competitiveness of Europe. With high national R&D intensity, which means that currently more than 3,5 % of country's GDP goes into research and development, Finland has been able to transform itself from production economy into knowledge based economy. Key elements in this have been high education, well functioning infrastructure and well planned R&D policy, both public and private. Finnish competitiveness has been created through R&D.

The results of high technology R&D is something what we want to show also in this VTT Newsletter. Basic research is needed for the long term productivity. How ever technologies and innovations that VTT has created together with its customers are those that can be transformed into business on the fast track. Read more about them and our other innovations in this newsletter. 


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