Climate change and the role of energy consumption in this development are widely debated topics. The Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC)  published its fourth Assessment Report this year. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland's expertise carries out an important contribution to the work of IPCC. VTT has participated in preparing the draft of the section ‘Mitigation of Climate Change' for the report.

Our research findings indicate that alongside the development and expansion of emission-free forms of energy prod uction, energy efficiency plays an important role in the mitigation of the climate change. Other means include carbon dioxide capture and sequestration, and adding to the carbon storage in the biosphere. Improving energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption are measures that apply to us all.

Solving problems that affect the air is easier on a smaller scale. VTT has developed a compact air filter with for the European automotive industry that has a significantly improved performance over existing filters. It is particularly effective in removing particles resulting from chemical reactions from outdoor air. Such particles exist in, e.g., the exhaust fumes of diesel engines and pose a serious health hazard to human health.

Climate-related technology is only one of the topics presented in this newsletter. We also hope that our new publications will be of use to readers with a more in-depth interest in the matter.


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