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Special characteristics of safety critical organizations. Work psychological perspective.
Oedewald, Pia; Reiman, Teemu.
Espoo, VTT, 2007. 114 p. + app. 9 p.
VTT Publications; 633.

Assessing Organizational Culture in Complex Sociotechnical Systems. Methodological Evidence from Studies in Nuclear Power Plant Maintenance Organizations.
Reiman, Teemu.
Espoo, VTT, 2007. 136 p. + app. 155 p.
VTT Publications; 627.

Global intellectual capital brokering. Facilitating the emergence of innovations through network mediation.
Törrö, Maaretta.
Espoo, VTT, 2007. 106 p. + app. 2 p.
VTT Publications; 631.

Fabrication of microphotonic waveguide components on silicon.
Solehmainen, Kimmo.
Espoo, VTT, 2007. 68 p. + app. 35 p.
VTT Publications; 630.

Corrosion and climatic effects in electronics.
Hienonen, Risto; Lahtinen, Reima.
Espoo, VTT, 2007. 242 p. + app. 173 p.
VTT Publications; 626.

Active Control of Radial Rotor Vibrations. Identification, feedback, feedforward, and repetitive control methods.
Tammi, Kari.
Espoo, VTT, 2007. 151 p. + app. 5 p.
VTT Publications; 634.

Estimated nutrient load from waste waters originating from ships in the Baltic Sea area.
Huhta, Hanna-Kaisa; Rytkönen, Jorma; Sassi, Jukka.
Espoo, VTT, 2007. 58 p. + app. 13 p.
VTT Tiedotteita - Research Notes; 2370.

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