Simulation model boosting the product development of Nokia

Challenging participators to think

Mobile communications leader Nokia and VTT have developed a model asset based on system dynamics to strengthen product development. System dynamic approach is especially suitable for modelling complex dependencies and interactions in a system consisting of combined technical, human and financial structures. One spin-off of the model asset is a training tool: Product Creation Game, in which the participants can experience hands on decision making on product development on product and portfolio levels. The Finnish Society of Automation has granted this application their Automation Award 2007 as recognition of significant progress in the automation field.

Focus on process optimisation

Product development processes depend more on people than machines, bringing challenges to mathematical simulation. The application developed by VTT and Nokia can be used in process optimisation and management as well as in coaching. This model asset is designed for analysing and specifying cause and effect relations in product development and utilizes modelling based on system dynamics, in which automation, system and control theory is applied to production, economic and social systems.

Operative decision-making through a game

The model asset has been tested and evaluated by hundreds of people as Product Creation Game, in which the participants can experience hands on decision making on product development. The participants develop products in a virtual business environment. They can either manage one project or operate in the management group of the whole project portfolio.

The participants are challenged to apply their skills and knowledge in intensive decision making. The players experience causal effects of their decisions through the realistic simulation. The decisions are analysed and good performance is rewarded during the recap of the workshop. This way the participants gain insight to the complex business interactions through hands on exercise. During the four hours of playing the game the players gain a realistic experience encompassing nearly two years of events in real life. An intensive competitive spirit is present in all training events, but the participants have fun. The end result is a tailor-made, realistic business game for companies.

Award from the Finnish Society of Automation

The application received the Automation Award 07 presented for the ninth time by the Finnish Society of Automation during the Automation 07 seminar. The award is given as recognition of significant research and development work in the field, production of an industrial or social application, or other activity promoting the automation field. The award was presented to application developers Lasse Pesonen and Simo Salminen from Nokia Corporation and Pasi Riihimäki and Peter Ylén from VTT.


Additional information

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