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Machinability effects of stainless steels with a HIPed NiTi coating in high-efficiency machining operations.
Paro, Jukka.
Espoo, VTT, 2006. 51 p. + app. 82 p.
VTT Publications; 610.

Methods for Machine Vision Based Driver Monitoring Applications.
Kutila, Matti.
Espoo, VTT, 2006. 82 p. + app. 79 p.
VTT Publications; 62.1

Microelectromechanical Resonator-Based Components for Wireless Communications. Filters and Transmission Lines.
Alastalo, Ari.
Espoo, VTT, 2006. 57 p. + app. 56 p.
VTT Publications; 616.

MEMS based voltage references.
Kärkkäinen, Anna-Maija.
Espoo, VTT, 2006. 109 p. + app. 42 p.
VTT Publications; 613.

Advanced CMP Processes for Special Substrates and for Device Manufacturing in MEMS Applications.
Kulawski, Martin.
Espoo, VTT, 2006. 80 p. + app. 60 p.
VTT Publications; 611.

Process analytical technology (PAT) needs and applications in the bioprocess industry. Review.
Känsäkoski, Markku; Kurkinen, Marika; von Weymarn, Niklas; Niemelä, Pentti; Neubauer, Peter; Juuso, Esko; Eerikäinen, Tero; Turunen, Seppo; Aho, Sirkka; Suhonen, Pirkko.
Espoo, VTT, 2006. 99 p.
VTT Working Papers; 60.

Semantically supported media services with user participation.
Report on the RISE-project.
Bäck, Asta; Vainikainen, Sari; Näkki, Pirjo; Reti, Tommo; Sarvas, Risto; Seppälä, Lassi; Hietanen, Herkko; Turpeinen, Marko.
Espoo, VTT, 2006. 99 p.
VTT Publications; 612.

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