New publications

Comparative and functional genome analysis of fungi for development of the protein production host Trichoderma reesei.
Arvas, Mikko.
Espoo, VTT, 2007. 100 p. + app. 105 p. VTT Publications; 654.
ISBN 978-951-38-7043-0; 978-951-38-7044-7.

Development of rapid gene expression analysis and its application to bioprocess monitoring.
Rautio, Jari.
Espoo, VTT, 2007. 123 p. + app. 83 p. VTT Publications; 661.
ISBN 978-951-38-7057-7; 978-951-38-7058-4.

Hybrid Media in Personal Management of Nutrition and Exercise. Report on the HyperFit Project.
Järvinen, Paula (ed.).
Espoo, VTT, 2007. 121 p. + app. 2 p. VTT Publications; 656.
ISBN 978-951-38-7047-8; 978-951-38-7048-5.

Self-assembly of hydrophobin proteins from the fungus Trichoderma reesei.
Szilvay, Géza.
Espoo, VTT, 2007. 64 p. + app. 43 p. VTT Publications; 657.
ISBN 978-951-38-7049-2; 978-951-38-7050-8.

Experimental observations of evacuation situations.
Hostikka, Simo & al.
Espoo, VTT, 2007. 52 p. VTT Working Papers; 85.
ISBN 978-951-38-6636-5.

Strategic development plan for the Croatian meteorological and hydrological services.
Leviäkangas, Pekka; Hautala, Raine; Mäkelä, Martti.
Espoo, VTT. 51 p. + app. 2 p. VTT Working Papers; 76.
ISBN 978-951-38-6627-3.

System-level design and configuration management for run-time reconfigurable devices.
Qu, Yang.
Espoo, VTT, 2007. 133 p. VTT Publications; 659.
ISBN 978-951-38-7053-9; 978-951-38-7054-6.

Physical Selection in Ubiquitous Computing.
Välkkynen, Pasi.
Espoo, VTT, 2007. 97 p. + app. 96 p. VTT Publications; 663.
ISBN 978-951-38-7061-4; 978-951-38-7062-1.

Technique for dynamic composition of content and context-sensitive mobile applications. Adaptive mobile browsers as a case study.
Palviainen, Marko.
Espoo, VTT, 2007. 233 p. VTT Publications; 658.
ISBN 978-951-38-7051-5; 978-951-38-7052-2.

Jätteen termisen käsittelyn tuhkien ja kuonien käsittely- ja sijoitusmahdollisuudet.
Kaartinen, Tommi; Laine-Ylijoki, Jutta; Wahlström, Margareta.
Espoo, VTT, 2007. 44 s. + liitt. 20 s. VTT Tiedotteita - Research Notes; 2411.
ISBN 978-951-38-6966-3; 978-951-38-6967-0.

Design and operation of power systems with large amounts of wind power. State-of-the-art report.
Holttinen, Hannele & al.
Espoo, VTT, 2007. 119 p. + app. 25 p. VTT Working Papers; 82.
ISBN 978-951-38-6633-4.


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