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Eila Ovaska

Current position at VTT

Research professor, PhD Eila Ovaska , b. 1953 (former Niemelä)
Software platforms and architectures

Research background and current research topics

Her current research interests include model and quality driven software architecture design and quality evaluation in the context of service centric systems of pervasive computing environments.

In 1995-1998, she led several strategic and national joint research projects. The topics of these projects concerned component based software, dynamic configuration, adaptive software architectures and embedded middleware technologies.

In 1999, her work focussed on software product lines while visiting at Napier University, in Edigburg, UK.

In 2000-2001, she lead VTT’s strategic Product Line Architectures programme, including three projects related to variability modelling and quality evaluation of product family architectures, middleware architectures of embedded systems, and component based software engineering. Thereafter, she has been involved in several international EU/IST- and ITEA-projects, like

Software Variability Modelling Paradigm has been the latest national joint research project she has been involved in (SVAMP).

Generic Embedded Systems Platform (GENESYS) and Secure Middleware for Embedded Peer to Peer systems (SMEPP) are recently completed EU/ICT projects, which she has been involved in.

The GENESYS results are available as two books; GENESYS architecture and the GENESYS methodology.

The main contributions of the past projects resulted in Quality driven Architecture Design and quality Analysis methodology (QADA®).

The QADA methodology is supported by a tool chain constructed on top of the Eclipse platform and mostly offered as open source tools,.

Other results:

Product family architectures and supporting methodologies and tools
Service Architectures for Pervasive Computing Environments

Current major research projects at VTT

Recently she is studying semantically interoperable smart spaces and quality variability management in the national Devices and Interoperability Ecosystem project (DIEM) and the Smart Objects For Intelligent Applications (ARTEMIS SOFIA).

Smart Objects for Intelligent Applications – Sofia project 

More information


Doctor of Philosophy Information Processing Science, University of Oulu, 2000
Master of Science Information Processing Science, University of Oulu, 1995
Master of business operations Commercial Institute of Raahe, 1975
VTT Executive Helsinki School of Economics, 2002

Work history

She joined VTT Electronics Laboratory in 1977 working as a programmer in applied research and product development based on microcomputers. Later, she worked as a software analyst of real-time control systems in the Mechatronics Department of VTT Electronics Laboratory. Her interest in modelling initiates from the nineties when structural analysis methods and supporting CASE tools emerged. She graduated at the University of Oulu in 1995 – her thesis concerned adoption of object-oriented modelling in the development of real-time embedded networked machine control systems. While working as a research scientist (1995-1999) she studied software architectures and product family engineering, resulting in her PhD thesis in 2000. Thereafter, she has worked as a group manager of the Software Architectures group (1999-2002), as a research professor of Embedded Software Technology at VTT (2001- ) and as an adjunct professor of Software Architectures and Software Component Technologies at the University of Oulu (2002- ). In 2006—2008 she worked as a member of the ICT strategic research steering group at VTT.

In 1998-1999, she visited at the Napier University in Edinburgh (in Computing School), and in 2003 at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands (in the Software Architecture and Software Engineering group).

Positions of trust and professional assignments

She has served as a reviewer of the PhD thesis for the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain, for Umeå University, Sweden, for the University of Jyväskylä, Finland and for the Tampere University of Technology, Finland. She has also acted as an opponent at the Tampere University of Technology and as a custodian at the University of Oulu.

She has acted as a reviewer of grant applications and as a member of grading committees.

She has served:

  • as a keynote speaker in an international conference,
  • as a lecture of tutorials in international conferences,
  • as a presenter in international and national seminars, conferences and workshops,
  • as a co-chair and a session chair in international workshops and conferences,
  • as a member of program committees (e.g. WICSA 2005-, SPLC 2008-, MUM 2002-2008, EUROMICRO 2003-2008 ), and
  • as a reviewer of book chapters and journals, e.g. Journal of Systems and Software, Information and Software Technology, Software Quality Journal, IEEE Software, and International Journal of Software Engineering & Knowledge Engineering.

She has organised several international seminars and workshops.
She has given lectures and organised courses in Finnish Universities and given presentations in visited universities and research institutes.
She has supervised or is supervising 15+ MSc or PhD thesis.
She is a member of IEEE, IEEE Computer Society, and EUROMICRO.

Selected publications

Knowledge based quality-driven architecture design and evaluation
Ovaska, Eila; Evesti, Antti; Henttonen, Katja; Palviainen, Marko; Aho, Pekka
Information and Software Technology - article in press (2010).

Service Description Ontologies
Kantorovitch, J.; Niemelä, Eila
In: Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Second Edition (Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, ed.) . Published under the imprint Information Science Reference (formerly Idea Group Reference) . Vol. VII, R-S (2008), 3445-3451.

Survey of reliability and availability prediction methods from the viewpoint of software architecture
Immonen, Anne; Niemelä, Eila
Software and Systems Modeling. Vol. 7 (2008) No: 1, 49 – 65

Capturing quality requirements of product family architecture
Niemelä, Eila; Immonen, Anne
Information and Software Technology. Vol. 49 (2007) No: 11 - 12, 1107 – 1120

Toward an architectural knowledge base for wireless service engineering
Niemelä, Eila; Kalaoja, Jarmo; Lago, Patricia
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering. Vol. 31 (2005) No: 5, 361 - 379

For complete list of publications, see Eila Ovaska’s publications in VTT Publications Register.

Awards (and patents)

Eemil Aaltosen Säätiö (1998)
University of Oulu, Faculty of Science (2000)
VTT (2002)

Additional information

Eila Ovaska
Research Professor
+358 20 722 2228

Additional information

Eila Ovaska
Research Professor
+358 20 722 2228