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Helena Kortelainen

Current position at VTT

Technology Manager

Research background and current research topics

Helena Kortelainen has been responsible for the research agenda and activities of the Risk and reliability knowledge centre at VTT since 2003. The knowledge centre develops methods to support techno-economic decision-making in the area of enterprise risk management, vulnerability assessment and life cycle system safety and reliability management. In the latest research projects the emphasis has been on developing new, knowledge intensive services e.g. in the asset and maintenance management and security business.

Current major research projects at VTT

Current research interests are focused particularly on the security assurance of citizens, society and enterprises, safety management and -engineering, and industrial risk management.


Licentiate of Technology, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland. 1987
Master of Science, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland. 1982.

Work history

Technology Manager at VTT since 2005
VTT, Research manager 2003 – 2005
VTT, Group manager 1999 - 2003
VTT, Research Scientist 1997 - 1999
Excens development, Consultant assigments 1991 - 1992
Kajaani Automation GmbH, Product manager 1990 -1991
Kajaani Automation GmbH, Application engineer 1988 - 1990
Kajaani Electronics Ltd, Application engineer 1986 - 1988
Technical University of Lappeenranta, Researcher 1982 - 1986.

Positions of trust and professional assignments

Member of the SME Risk Management Forum 2010 -
Member of the Finnish Maintenance Society Promaint, Research and Education Committee 2009 -
Chairman of the Finnish Risk Analysis Society 2007-2009.

Selected publications

Full-length reviewed papers:
Heikkilä, A-M., Malmén, Y., Nissilä, M., Kortelainen H. 2010. Challenges in risk management in multi-company industrial parks. Safety Science. 48(4) pp. 430-435.

Kortelainen, H., Kupila, K., Silenius, S., Päivike, 2003. A. Data for better maintenance plans and investments policy. Tappi Journal 2(8), pp. 8 - 12

Peltonen, M., Kortelainen, H., Kuukkanen, R., Virtanen, I. 2002. Life decisions. A special tool for life cycle cost and profit analysis can be an invaluable support for investment decisions Pulp & Paper Europe 7(1), pp. 14-15.

Konola, J., Kortelainen, H. 2001. Computerized maintenance management as a source of failure information. Tappi Journal 84(3), pp. 40-43.

Kortelainen, H., Pursio S. 2001. Availability performance stands for plant efficiency. Paperi ja Puu. 83(4), pp. 292-296.

Kortelainen H. 1992. Tools for successful wet-end chemistry control. Tappi Journal 75(12), pp. 112-117.

Kortelainen, H., Nokelainen, J., Huttunen J., Lehmikangas K. 1989. Mill application of a new system that simultaneously monitors fiber retention and filler retention. Tappi Journal 72(8), pp. 113-119..

Karras, M., Pietikäinen T., Kortelainen, H., Tornberg J. 1988. Ultrasonic measurement of gaseous air in pulp suspensions. Tappi Journal 71(1), pp. 65-69.

Kortelainen, H., Tornberg, J., Karras M., Pietikäinen T. 1988. Continuous measurement of air content in paper stock. Wochenblatt der Papierfabrikation. 116(9), pp. 358-361.

Kortelainen, H., Lindström, M., Kärkkäinen J. 1988. Modelle für die Chemikalieneinsatz in der Masse. Wochenblatt der Papierfabrikation. 116(16), pp. 661-664.

For complete list of publications, see Helena Kortaleinen's publication in the VTT Publication Register .

Additional information

Helena Kortelainen
Technology Manager
+358 20 722 3206

Additional information

Helena Kortelainen
Technology Manager
+358 20 722 3206