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Juha Luoma

Current position at VTT

Research Professor (Traffic Safety), Research Coordinator (Transport Systems and Telematics)

Research background and current research topics

Driver behaviour and traffic safety. Examples of his recent research topics include human factors aspects of road signing, rear-vision systems, vehicle signaling, pedestrian visibility and intelligent transport systems; evaluation of road safety measures; and development of online road-safety tests

Current major research projects at VTT

Research Programme entitled Traffic Safety 2025


M.Sc. in Transportation Engineering from the Helsinki University of Technology in 1980

Doctor of Technology (Ph.D.) in Industrial Psychology from the Helsinki University of Technology in 1984

Work history

1980-1989, Research Assistant/Researcher/Laboratory Manager/Senior Lecturer, Helsinki University of Technology, total 7 years

1985-1995, Junior Research Fellow/Senior Research Fellow, Academy of Finland, total 7 years

1987-1988, Professor, University of Helsinki, total 1 year

1995-2004, Senior Research Scientist/Chief Research Scientist, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Extended visits abroad

1990-2009, Visiting Research Scientist, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, total 4 years

Positions of trust and professional assignments

Finnish Motor Insurers' Centre, Traffic Safety Committee of Insurance Companies, member of Scientific Committee, 2001-

Forum of European Road Safety Research Institutes (FERSI), board member (2005-), member of the Executive Board (2008-)

Member of the Consultative Committee on Road Safety appointed by the Council of State, 2006-2008

Selected publications

Luoma, J. (1995). In-traffic driver behavior: Development of measures and evaluation of differences between Finland and Michigan. Transportation Research Record, 1485, 71-79.

Luoma, J., Schumann, J., and Traube, E.C. (1996). Effects of retroreflector positioning on nighttime recognition of pedestrians. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 28, 377-383.

Luoma, J., Flannagan, M.J. and Sivak, M. (2000). Effects of nonplanar driver-side mirrors on lane change crashes. Transportation Human Factors, 2, 279-289.

Luoma, J., Rämä, P., Penttinen, M. and Anttila, V. (2000). Effects of variable message signs for slippery road conditions on reported driver behaviour. Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, 3, 75-84.

Sivak, M., Luoma, J., Flannagan, M.J., Bingham, C.R., Eby, D.W., and Shope, J.T. (2007). Traffic safety in the U.S.: Re-examining major opportunities. Journal of Safety Research, 38, 337-355.

Juha Luoma’s publications in VTT Publications Register

Additional information

Juha Luoma
Research Professor
+358 20 722 4533

Additional information

Juha Luoma
Research Professor
+358 20 722 4533