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Miimu Airaksinen

Current position at VTT
Research Professor

Research background and current research topics

Current research is focused on eco-efficiency in built environment. Some of recent major activities are listed below.

Development of the strategic research agenda for RYM SHOK (strategic research centre for built environment in Finland).

Technology manager of the VTT Eco-City project in China Beijing area, 2007 - 2008. Eco-City’s major focus areas are: infrastructure, buildings, traffic, ICT, re-cycling and waste handling, energy sources and green areas.

Project developer of human thermal comfort and modelling it as a time and space as well as human part depending phenomena; tool for product and design development.

Leader of the Sick Building Syndrome SBS, 2006 - 2007, VTT’s internal scientific project about the holistic picture on what is scientifically proven about SBS and the factors affecting on it.

Current major research projects at VTT

Program manager in IBEN - Energy efficient, intelligent built environment


Master of Science (Tech.) Lappeenranta University of Technology, Department of Energy Technology,1993 - 1998 including one year exchange student in Technical University of Munich, Energy- and Environmental Sciences

Doctor of Science (Tech.) Helsinki University of Technology, Department of Energy Technology, 1998 - 2003

Expertise and Leadership, School of Management, JTO, Johtamistaidon opisto, Finland, 2003 - 2004

Strategy in Leadership, NCC University Sweden, 2004 - 2005

Work history

Research Professor, VTT (September 2009 -)

Team Leader, VTT (2007 - 2009)

Senior Research Scientist, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Espoo, Finland (2006 - 2007)

Head of Research and Development and member of committee board, Optiplan Oy, (2003 - 2006)

Researcher, Helsinki University of Technology, HVAC-laboratory (1998 - 2003)

Positions of trust and professional assignments

E2BA, European Construction Technology Platform, Energy Efficient Buildings Association, Member of Steering Committee, 2009 -

Member of Low2No energy efficient built environment –working group nominated and lead by Finnish Ministry of Housing, 2010, YM32:00/2009

Director of the refurbishment and health program, part of the European Housing Ecology Network (2009-

Member of wood construction and building code working group, YM024:00/2009, 2009 - 2010

Member CIB, International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction, Group W077 Indoor Climate, 2007 -

President of the Technical Committee, Finnish HVAC Association, 2009 -

Member of the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries, 2002 -

Permanent reviewer in Journal of Facilities, Emerald,

Reviewer in Journal of Energy and Buildings, Elsevier 2007,

Selected publications

Airaksinen M., Matilainen P., Carbon efficient building solutions, submitted to Sustainability 2009

Airaksinen M., Huovila P., Nummelin J., Tuominen P., 2009, Sustainability assessment of facilities - a comparative analysis of rating schemes, Case VTT Digitalo, in Life Cycle Assessment of Products and Technologies, LCA Symposium, VTT SYMPOSIUM 262, pp. 95 - 105, ISBN 978-951-38-7585-5

Airaksinen M, Matilainen P., Energy Efficiency and New Building Concepts in Industrial Building Process, Proceedings of the Euroinfra 2009, International ECCE Conference, pp.51 - 52, Espoo Finland, ISBN 978-951-758-511-8

Airaksinen M., Kurnitski J., Pasanen P., and Seppänen O.,2004, Fungal spore transport through a building structure, Indoor Air, 14: 92 - 104

Airaksinen M., Pasanen P., Kurnitski J., and Seppänen O., 2004 Microbial contamination of indoor air due to leakages from crawl space - a field study, Indoor Air, 14: 55 - 64

Miimu Airaksinen's publications in VTT Publications Register


Scanvac (the joint organization of HVAC-technology for the national societies in Scandinavia, Iceland and the Baltic States) Award for a Young Scientist for promising research in the field of indoor air quality and energy issues, 2005

Grant for doctoral theses, Foundation of K V Lindholm 2002

Grant for Graduate School in Helsinki University of Technology (1999 - 2000)

Grant for doctoral theses, HVAC society Finland 2001

Grant for doctoral theses, Foundation of L.V.Y. 1998

Additional information

Miimu Airaksinen
Research Professor
+358 20 722 4923

Additional information

Miimu Airaksinen
Research Professor
+358 20 722 4923