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Mikko Manninen

Current position at VTT

Principal Scientist, Team Leader (Industrial CFD)

Research background and current research topics

Current research area (since 1992) is computational fluid dynamics (CFD), with a focus on model development for industrial multiphase processes. Examples of the applications are flotation, fixed bed reactors, and fluidized bed processes.

An important goal is in models with sufficient accuracy and reliability, but acceptable computation time. In multiphase flows, this can be archived in some cases with the use of the algebraic slip mixture model (simplified governing equations) or with the combination of CFD and multiblock modelling. The former is now implemented in the major commercial CFD codes according to the VTT formulation.

In recent years, the most important projects have been related to the following topics:

- Fluid flow in industrial mixing processes
- CFD for rotating machinery
- Multiphase models in process simulation
- Low Reynolds number and non-Newtonian flows
- Modelling of multiphase chemical reactors
- Combining multiblock and CFD modelling
- Modelling of reactive gas-liquid flow in porous media
- Efficient models for industrial gas-liquid-solid processes

Presently, the focus is modelling of complex three-phase industrial processes involving heat transfer, mass transfer, chemical reactions, and non-Newtonian flows.

Current major research projects at VTT

EFFMIND (Efficient models for industrial gas-liquid-solid processes ), focusing on CFD-modelling of complex three-phase industrial processes (2010-2011), Tekes-project.

Procedy (Water saving mineral concentration technologies), focusing on CFD-modelling of flotation processes (2009-2012), Tekes-project.

OSGRAM, modelling and development of a continuous oscillating baffled reactor for non-Newtonian flows, EU-project.


Doctor of Science (Technology)

Helsinki University of Technology, Dept. of Technical Physics, Low Temperature Laboratory, 1982. Doctor’s Thesis: Specific heat and superfluid flow experiments in liquid 3He.

Master of Science (Technology)
Helsinki University of Technology, Dept. of Technical Physics, Low Temperature Laboratory, 1976.

Work history

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, 1983 – present
2006 – present, Team Leader (Industrial CFD)
2002 – 2005, Senior Research Scientist
2000 – 2002, Group Manager (Process Simulation)
1987 – 2000, Senior Research Scientist
1983 – 1987, Research Scientist

Helsinki University of Technology, Low Temperature Laboratory, 1975 - 1983
1975 - 1983 Assistant or Research Assistant

Positions of trust and professional assignments

Scientific Advisory Board for Defence, Sections of Nuclear technology, Technical physics, or Area surveillance 1984 – 1993.

Selected publications

Lappalainen, K., Gorshkova, E., Manninen, M., Alopaeus, V. Characteristics of liquid and tracer dispersion in trickle-bed reactors: Effect on CFD modeling and experimental analyses. Computers and Chemical Engineering. Vol. 35 (2011) Nr: 1, pp. 41-49.

Lappalainen, K., Manninen, M., Alopaeus, V., Aittamaa, J., Dodds, J. An Analytical Model for Capillary Pressure-Saturation Relation for Gas-Liquid System in a Packed-Bed of Spherical Particles. Transport in Porous Media. Vol. 77 (2009) No: 1, 17 – 40.

Lappalainen, K., Manninen, M., Alopaeus, V. CFD modeling of radial spreading of flow in trickle-bed reactors due to mechanical and capillary dispersion. Chemical Engineering Science. Vol. 64 (2009) No: 2, 207 – 218.

Haavisto, S., Koponen, A., Syrjänen, J., Manninen, M. UDV measurements and CFD simulation to two-phase flow in a stirred vessel. Progress in Computational Fluid Dynamics. Vol. 9 (2009) No: 6-7, 375-382.

Hiltunen, K., Jäsberg, A., Kallio, S., Karema, H., Kataja, M., Koponen, A., Manninen, M., Taivassalo, V. Multiphase Flow Dynamics. Theory and Numerics. 2009. VTT, Espoo. 113 p. + app. 4 p. VTT Publications : 722.

Lappalainen, K., Alopaeus, V., Manninen, M., Aittamaa, J., Improved Hydrodynamic Model for Wetting Efficiency, Pressure Drop, and Liquid Holdup in Trickle-Bed Reactors. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. Vol. 47 (2008) No: 21, 8436 – 8444.

Koskinen, J., Manninen, M., Pättikangas, T., Alopaeus, V., Keskinen, K. I., Kolehmainen, E., Measurements and CFD modeling of drag-reduction effects, SPE Production & Facilities 19 (2004) 142-151.

Manninen, M., Silde, A., Lindholm, I., Huhtanen, R., and Sjövall, H. Simulation of hydrogen deflagration and detonation in a BWR reactor building, Nuclear Engineering and Design, Vol. 211, No. 1, pp. 27-50 (2002).

Manninen, M., Taivassalo, V., and Kallio, S. On the mixture model for multiphase flow. VTT, Espoo. 67 p. VTT Publications : 288 (1996).

Other publications

Additional information

Mikko Manninen
Principal Scientist
+358 20 722 5072

Additional information

Mikko Manninen
Principal Scientist
+358 20 722 5072