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Petri Kinnunen

Current position at VTT
Principal Scientist, Research Manager in Nuclear Safety

Research background and current research topics

  • Electrochemistry of materials exposed to various aqueous environments
    - electrochemical behaviour of passive films on Ni- and Fe-based alloys at ambient and elevated temperatures
    - physicochemical modelling of protective oxide films

  • Development of measurement techniques especially for high temperatures
  • High temperature chemistry
  • Activity incorporation in primary circuits of nuclear power plants (NPP)
  • Oxidation of fuel cladding materials in simulated light water reactor (LWR) conditions
  • Corrosion in nuclear waste final repository conditions

Current major research projects at VTT

Currently, my main work topic is the project management of the Jules Horowitz Materials Testing Reactor Finnish in kind project that lasts up to year 2017. (see The other main topic is to manage VTT’s co-funded and self-funded project portfolio in the business area called Nuclear Safety.


Doctor of Science (Tech.) in Chemical Technology
Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry
Helsinki University of Technology, September 2002
Thesis title: Electrochemical characterisation of passive films on Ni- and Fe-based alloys (Approved with praise)

Main subject: Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry
Secondary subject: Electronics Production Technology

Master of Science (Tech.) in Chemical Technology
Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry
Helsinki University of Technology, December 1998
Thesis title: Characterisation of oxide films on nickel and Ni-Cr alloys

Main subject: Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry
Secondary subjects: 1) Process Control, 2) Thermodynamics


Management training of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, 2009 - 2010. This course aims at training managers for the ministry and for the organisations working under the governance of the ministry.

Course on Nuclear Safety (YK4) 2006 - 2007.

Industrial Innovation Management (IIM) course at VTT (2004 - 2006). IIM was a training period executed with five industrial companies (Wärtsilä, Vaisala, VTI Technologies, Consolis and M-real) and TEKES to develop novel techniques and strategies for creating new innovations and innovation cultures. IIM included also general management education.

Team leader training at VTT 2008 - 2009

Project management course at VTT in 2001.

International courses:
Instrumental Methods in Electrochemistry, summer course, University of Southampton, UK, 1999.

Work history

VTT Smart industry and Energy Systems (Manufacturing Technology up to 2001, Industrial Systems up to 2005, Materials and Building up to 2013)
Principal Scientist, 2011-
Senior Research Scientist, 2005-2011
Research Scientist, 2001- 2005

Research Manager in Nuclear Safety, 2014-
Manager of the “Chemical Environments in Power Plants” – research team, 2009-2013

Stanford Research Institute (SRI), Menlo Park, California
Visiting scientist, 31.3. - 25.4.2003

Helsinki University of Technology, Laboratory of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry:
Teaching assistant, several periods in 1997 - 2000
Research scientist 1999 - 2000

Selected publications

  1. Kinnunen, P. Electrochemical characterisation and modelling of passive films on Ni- and Fe- based alloys, Doctor's thesis, Espoo 2002, VTT Publications 472, 71 + 122 pages.
  2. I. Betova, M. Bojinov, P. Kinnunen, K. Lundgren and T. Saario, A kinetic model of the oxide growth and restructuring on structural materials in nuclear power plants, Structural materials -Properties, Preparation and Applications by Nova Science Publishers, accepted chapter, to be published in 2009.
  3. Betova I., Bojinov M., Kinnunen P., Lundgren, K., Saario T., Mixed-Conduction Model for Stainless Steel in a High-Temperature Electrolyte: Estimation of Kinetic Parameters of Inner Layer Constituents, J. Electrochem. Soc. 155 (2008) 2, pp. C81 - C92.
  4. Bojinov, M., Cai, W., Kinnunen, P., Saario, T., Kinetic parameters of the oxidation of zirconium alloys in simulated WWER water - Effect of KOH content, J. Nucl. Mat. 378 (2008) 1, pp. 45 - 54.
  5. Bojinov M., Karastoyanov V., Kinnunen P., Saario T., Influence of water chemistry on the corrosion mechanism of a zirconiumniobium alloy in simulated light water reactor coolant conditions, Corr. Sci. 52 (2010) 54 - 67.

Over 100 scientific, conference and other publications. See also,


A.B. Campbell Award winner 2004 decorated by National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) for the best scientific article written by a scientist under 35 years of age and published in a NACE publication.

Honorary member of the Bulgarian Hydrogen Society, March 2009.

Additional information

Petri Kinnunen
Principal Scientist
+358 20 722 5375

Additional information

Petri Kinnunen
Principal Scientist
+358 20 722 5375