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Riitta Molarius

Current position at VTT

Senior Scientist

Research background and current research topics

Background in: Ground Water Risk Analysis and Conservation Plans.
Environmental Risk Analysis, Risk Management in Public Organisations

Current interests: Risk assessment methodologies, Risk analysis and future climate, Rescue Organisations and their risk analysis, Vulnerability of critical infrastructures and society, The role of authorities in identification the risk of new techiques.

Current major research projects at VTT

Projects related to climate change and adaptation of different sectors.


On-going studies for doctoral thesis in Technical University of Tampere, Finland.
Master of Science in Water and Environmental Science, Technical University of Tampere, Finland. 1994.
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Technical College of Lappeenranta, Finland. 1979.

Work history

2005 - , VTT, Senior Research Scientist
Research topics: Environmental risk analysis for various purposes, including future climate.
Crisis management, Vulnerability management.

2002 - 2004, VTT Industrial Systems, Research Scientist
Research topics: Risk analysis in Rescue Services.

2001-2002, VTT Automation, Industrial Automation, Research Scientist
Research topics: Riskanalysis in Public organisations (municipalities) and process industry.

1993-2001, Regional Environment Centre of Pirkanmaa, Researcher, Quality Manager
Research topic: Ground Water Safety Plans, risk analysis and conservation plans.

Selected publications

Full-length reviewed papers:
Leviäkangas, Pekka; Molarius, Riitta; Hietajärvi, Anna-Maija; Könönen, Ville; Zulkarnain. 2013. Devising and demonstrating an extreme weather risk indicator for use in transportation systems. doi-link: 10.3141/2329-06. Transportation Research Record. National Academy of Sciences (2013) No: 2329, 45 - 53

Molarius, R.; Könönen, V.; Leviäkangas, P.; Zulkairnain; Rönty, J.; Hietajärvi, A-M.; Oiva, K. The extreme weather risk indicators (EWRI) for the European transport system. Natural Hazards - Article in press. Springer (2013), 1 - 22

Porthin, M.; Rosqvist, T.; Perrels, A.; Molarius, R. Multi-criteria decision analysis in adaptation decision-making: a flood case study in Finland. Regional Environmental Change - Article inpress. Springer (2013), 1 - 10

Rosqvist, T.; Molarius, R.; Virta, H.; Perrels, A.Event Tree Analysis for flood protection: an exploratory study in Finland. Reliability Engineering & System Safety. Vol. 112 (2013) No: April, 1 - 7

Heikkilä, A-M.; Molarius, R.; Uusitalo, T. Vulnerability of complex critical systems: case water supply and distribution networks. International Journal of Risk Assessment and Management (IJRAM). Vol. 15 (2011) No: 2/3, 241 - 257

Molarius, R.; Keränen, J.; Schabel, J., Wessberg, N. Creating a climate change risk assessment procedure – Hydropower plant case, Finland. Hydrology Research Vol. 41 (2010) No: 3 - 4, 282 – 294

Wessberg, N.; Molarius, R.; Seppälä, J.; Koskela, S.; Pennanen, J., 2008. Environmental risk analysis for accidental emissions. Journal of Chemical Health and Safety. Vol. 15 (2008) No: 1, 24 – 31

Wessberg, N.; Molarius, R. 2008 Governance Challenges and the Prevention of Industrial Environmental Accidents: the Case of Finland. European Environment. Vol. 18 (2008) No: 6, 371 – 386

For complete list of publications, see Riitta Molarius’s publications in VTT Publications Register.

Additional information

Riitta Molarius
Senior Scientist
+358 20 722 3480

Additional information

Riitta Molarius
Senior Scientist
+358 20 722 3480