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Sauli Kiviranta

Current position and responsibilities at VTT

Research Scientist, Human-Machine Interaction and Virtual Engineering / Systems Engineering.

Research background and current research topics

B.Sc Sauli Kiviranta has expertise in design and implementation of Virtual & Augmented Reality systems from large scale EU projects and national research projects all the way to customer projects for solving specific industrial problems. Research topics include VR/AR technologies and applications, computer graphics, sensor technologies, industrial systems with complete lifecycle scope and human-machine systems in general. B.Sc. Kiviranta has attained 5+ years of experience in planning and implementing National and European R&D projects, from industrial system development and integration to large scale EU research projects. Kiviranta has more than 10 scientific publications and has acted as reviewer for Fusion Engineering and Design journal. B.Sc. Kiviranta has also performed as technical leader of the large European R&D project ManuVAR ( ) and co-authored the project concept for Use-it-wisely EU project.

B.Sc. Kiviranta was granted with Pehr Brahe software laboratory Scholarship on the development of a measurement system for Metso Paper Oy and is co-author of patent for the system. Kiviranta was also awarded 1st price on national Thesis 2008 competition in the Technology and Business category and 1st price on regional thesis competition held by Scanfil Oy - R & J Takanen Foundation for northern Finland.

B.Sc. Kivirantas’s research interests include:
- Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies and applications
- ITER fusion research in the context of Divertor Test Platform 2
- Virtual-model-driven architectures across system lifecycle
- Cybernetics, general system theory and knowledge engineering
- Digital Human Models and Motion Tracking technologies
- Dynamic virtual prototyping & engineering
- Human-machine systems

Involvement in research projects at VTT

EU: Use-it-wisely - Innovative continuous upgrades of high investment product-services
EU: Manuvar – Manual Work Support Throughout System Lifecycle by Exploiting Virtual and Augmented Reality
EU: TellMe - Technology Enhanced Learning Livinglab for Manufacturing Environments
EU: VRHyperspace - The innovative use of Virtual Reality to increase Human comfort by changing the Perception of self and space
EU: SIMTER - Advanced simulation-based production development tool for traditional manufacturing industries
International: DTP2 - Divertor Test Platform 2 - ITER Fusion Reactor development
National: KVALIVE - Qualitative methods in virtual design of machines
National: LEFA - New Generation Human-Centered Design Simulators for Life Cycle Efficient Mobile Machines
VTT: COFEX - Cabin of the future – User Experience
VTT: ASTROVAR - Astronaut contextual information support with augmented reality
VTT: ARVI - ALVAR Augmented Reality integration for Virtools
Customer Projects: Various virtual and augmented reality systems and applications for industrial customers


B.Sc. on Knowledge Engineering. Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Raahe School of Engineering and Business 2008
Degree on Electrical Engineering. Nivala Vocational College, Qualification in Electrical Engineering (Electronics) 2001

Work history

Research Scientist. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Systems Engineering, Human-Machine Interaction and Virtual Engineering. 2011 – present, full time.

Research Engineer. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Systems Engineering, Human-Machine Interaction and Virtual Engineering. 2008 – 2011.

R&D project manager, IT-Parkki (Subcontracting for Metso Paper Oy) 2006-2008, part time.

Selected publications

Kiviranta, S., Saarinen, H., Mäkinen, H., Krassi, B. A method for enabling real-time structural deformation in remote handling control system by utilizing offline simulation results and 3d model morphing // Fusion Engineering and Design, An International Journal for Fusion Energy and Technology devoted to Experiments, Theory, Methods and Design (2010).

Krassi, B., Strauchmann, M., Kiviranta, S., Leino, S-P., Viitaniemi, J., Reyes-Lecuona, A., Sääski, J. Virtual Model for Supporting Communication of Manual Work Information Throughout System Lifecycle. Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation (IFF) days 2010, Magdeburg, Germany, June 15-17, 2010. ISBN 978-3-8396-0145-7 (2010), pp. 6 p.

Kiviranta, S., Poyade, M., Helin, K. Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies for supporting heterogeneous multidisciplinary end-users along Product Lifecycle. 3rd International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE2010), Miami, Florida, USA, 17-20 July, 2010

Proceedings, ISBN 978-14-398-3507-4. (2010), pp. 10 p.

Lind, S., Krassi, B., Viitaniemi, J., Kiviranta, S., Heilala, J., Berlin, C., Linking Ergonomics Simulation to Production Process Development // Proceedings of the 2008 Winter Simulation Conference, USA, December 2008, pp. 1968-1973.

Sauli Kiviranta's publications in VTT Publications Register.

Additional information

Sauli Kiviranta
Research Scientist
+358 20 722 3025

Additional information

Sauli Kiviranta
Research Scientist
+358 20 722 3025