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VTT Professionals

Our people are listed alphabetically according to their last name, if they have created a professional web page.

Professional pages and linked content are the responsibility of the authors.

Ailisto, Heikki, Research Professor, Mobile Interaction Technology

Antila, Marko, Senior Scientist, Clean air and acoustic solutions

Airaksinen, Miimu, Research Professor

Antikainen, Maria, Senior Scientist, Value network development

Buchert, Johanna, Prof., Vice president, Research, Solutions for natural resources and environment

Holmberg, Kenneth, Research Professor, Machine operability - tribology, condition monitoring and diagnostics

Kaasinen, Eija, Principal Scientist, Human factors in complex systems

Kauppinen, Pentti, Principal Scientist, Nuclear reactor materials

Kazi, Sami, Vice President, Research Strategy and foresight

Kilpi, Jorma, Senior Scientist, Complex stochastic systems

Kinnunen, Petri, Principal Scientist , Research Manager in Nuclear Safety

Kokkala, Matti, Prof., Senior Advisor, Smart cities

Korhonen, Timo, Senior Scientist, Fire research

Koukkari, Heli, Research Coordinator, Principal Scientist

Kuusela, Pirkko, Senior Scientist, Complex stochastic systems

Lanne, Marinka, Research Scientist, Enterprise risk management

Liinasuo, Marja, Senior Scientist, Human factors in complex systems

Makkonen, Lasse, Principal Scientist, Ship and arctic technology

Manninen, Mikko, Principal Scientist, Industrial CFD

Molarius, Riitta, Senior Scientist, Vulnerability management

Norros, Ilkka, Research Professor, Stochastic systems

Nylund, Nils-Olof,  Research Professor, Energy and pulp & paper, general expenditure

Ovaska, Eila, Research Professor, Software platforms and architectures

Poppius-Levlin, Kristiina, Research Team Leader, Biomass structure and modification

Puska, Eija-Karita, Senior Principal Scientist, Nuclear power plant behaviour

Rantala (née Luoma), Tuija, Senior Scientist, Enterprise risk management

Reittu, Hannu, Senior Scientist, Complex stochastic systems

Ritschkoff, Anne-Christine, Executive Vice President, Strategic Research

Rosqvist, Tony, Principal Scientist, Vulnerability management

Rouhiainen, Veikko, Research Professor, Safety and Security

Saranummi, Niilo, Senior Principal Scientistt, Health

Soininen, Juha-Pekka, Research Professor, Computing and computer architectures

Södergård, Caj, Research Professor, Digital media technologies

Turunen, Erja, Vice President, Research, Smart Industry and energy systems

Uusitalo, Teuvo, Senior Scientist, Enterprise risk management