Selected Publications

On this page you find a selection of papers and publications in chronological order in which you can find more in-depth descriptions of the SFINNO database as well as research performed with the data.

Introductory focal papers:

Palmberg, Christopher; Leppälahti, Ari; Lemola, Tarmo; Toivanen, Hannes (1999). Towards a better understanding of innovation and industrial renewal in Finland - a new perspective. VTT Working Papers – No. 41/99

Palmberg, Christopher; Niininen, Petri; Toivanen, Hannes; Wahlberg, Tanja (2000). Industrial innovation in Finland - First results of the Sfinno-project. VTT Working Papers No. 47/00

Bibliography of research:

Toivanen, Hannes. (2000) Software Innovation in Finland. VTT Working Papers – No. 52/00

Palmberg, Christopher. (2001) Sectoral patterns of innovation and competence requirements – a closer look at low-tech industries. SITRA Research Report Series No. 8.

Tanayama, Tanja. (2002) Empirical analysis of processes underlying various technological innovations. VTT Publication Series No. 463.

Palmberg, Christopher. (2004) The Sources of Innovations – Looking beyond technological opportunities. Economics of Innovation and New Technology. Vol. 13(2): 183-197.

Lehtoranta, Olavi. (2005) A comparative micro-level analysis of innovative firms in the CIS Surveys and in the VTT's Sfinno Database. VTT Working Papers - No. 24/05.

Lehtoranta, Olavi. (2005) Determinants of Innovation and the Economic Growth of Innovators - Tracing the evolution of innovative firms over time. VTT Working Papers - No. 25/05.

Lehto, Eero and Lehtoranta, Olavi. (2006) How Do Innovations Affect Mergers and Acquisitions?—Evidence from Finland.Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade. Vol. 6(1): 5-25.

Palmberg, Christopher. (2006) The sources and success of innovations — Determinants of commercialisation and break-even times.Technovation 26: 1253–1267.

Pesonen, Pekka. (2006) Innovaatiojohtaminen ja sen vaikutuksia metsäteollisuudessa [Innovation Management and its Effect in Forest Industry] . VTT Publication Series No. 622 (Publication in Finnish with abstract in English)

Mäkinen, Iiro. (2007) To Patent or not to patent? An innovation-level investigation of the propensity to patent. VTT Publication Series No. 646.

Sfinno - Historical part ‘H-Inno’:

Saarinen, Jani (2005). Innovations and Industrial Performance in Finland 1945-1998. PhD. Thesis, Lund Studies in Economic History No. 34, Lund University, Sweden. Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell International.