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Transport fuels from forest waste

Transport fuels can be produced from forest waste with the help of gasification technology. Renewable diesel, petrol or, for instance, synthetic natural gas, can be effectively produced from forestry industry by-products and forest chips.

The foundations of the technology were developed in a public project implemented by VTT in 2004–2007 in which the relevant industry was involved to a large extent. In 2007–11, VTT has participated in a Neste Oil and Stora Enso project, which developed and demonstrated the production process in an industrial test plant in Varkaus. The technology is suited for the production of diesel fuel in plants in the size range of more than 300 MW.

In the next phase, VTT development work will focus on developing smaller-scale alternatives. The work aims at developing plants that produce transport biofuels integrated into forestry industry production or district heating plants. Co-generation of fuels, electricity and heat would facilitate the best possible total efficiency for the use of biomass. This will be of vital importance in future markets where there will be a growing demand for renewable fuels in all sectors of energy production.

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