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Waste into energy

In Finland, more than half of all community waste is dumped to landfills. VTT is involved in Lahti Energia Oy’s power plant project in which waste is used for energy production in a new way.

Lahti Energia Oy is building at Lahti a power plant, which as a fuel uses recycled fuel made from energy waste. The gasification power plant to be completed in 2012 will produce 50 MW of electricity and 90 MW of district heat. The plant will turn 250,000 tonnes of energy waste into electricity and heat per year, and will substantially reduce the use of fossil fuels in the city of Lahti.

VTT involved in the development of gasification technology

The system operating at the core of the power plant will be a Circulating Fluidised Bed (CFB) process, with gas cooling and cleaning systems. VTT has since the 1990s been developing and creating foundations for the technology to be implemented at Lahti. Gasification refers to thermal treatment of waste in conditions starved of oxygen. The producer gas derived from gasification is combusted in a gas boiler.

VTT also participates in the development of the gas cleaning process for the power plant. It facilitates the cleaning of waste-based gasification gas to the same level as that of conventional fuel gases. In the gas cleaning process, harmful impurities are removed by means of cooling and filtering before the gas is combusted in the gas boiler. This way, both corrosion and bottom ash problems in the gasification furnace can be avoided and environmental impacts minimised.

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