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Energy systems

Research content and applications

We are an internationally recognized and strongly networked developer of energy systems and energy technologies which support sustainable climate and energy policy. Climate change experts participate in analyses of international climate policy and emission trading. Modelling long-term scenarios gives support to policymakers in their work with national and international strategies.

We develop and apply our own system models and scenario analyses to emission calculations, economy models and global and regional techno-economy models of energy systems. Methods for energy market operation, regulation and new business models are important research areas. Energy infrastructure management, energy use optimisation, distributed energy resources and the risk management of energy investment respond to European requests for sustainable energy systems.

Our wind energy research is developing technology for wind turbines for the fast-growing domestic and export markets, especially for cold climate and offshore applications. The focus of this research is new materials and technologies for large wind turbines, arctic wind technology and grid integration of wind power, as well as laboratory and field measurements. 

Future prospects

Climate change is recognised to be one of the greatest environmental and economic challenges facing humanity. European and national policies encourage decreases in greenhouse gas emissions and increases in energy efficiency. Modern society depends critically on a secure distribution and transmission infrastructure for energy.


Two research professors and over 40 researchers are specialized in energy systems research.

Additional information

Seppo Hänninen
Technology Manager
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