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Managing information and processes in the building sector

Research content

VTT uses the latest technologies to provide assessment and development work for the building sector. VTT is an expert in optimizing performance of the built environment and operating methods. Expertise is available in the following areas:

  • Information technology in construction and in the built environment
  • Life cycle management of buildings and built environment
  • Managing building processes and business solutions

ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is used in managing the entire construction and estate management process: planning, construction, maintenance, use, ownership and customer services. This can include aspects such as BIM-based simulation and analysis tools, data sharing platforms and interoperability studies to support construction and real estate processes.  Delivered products from VTT optimise lifecycle performance and maximise added value.

Another major area of growing importance is the life cycle management of buildings and the built environment, including all aspects of life cycle assessment and sustainability. Aspects of service life, energy savings and ecological management are emphasised. Developed models and programs are used by various building sector operators to estimate, anticipate and manage the compliance with sustainable development principles, the environmental effects and the whole service life of construction projects.


Managing overall information in buildings and the built environment in based on multidisciplinary competence within VTT. The applications cover the whole life cycle of a building from early planning to recycling. VTT offers its clients results of applied research and product development in managing sustainable building, production management, integrated use of data, decision support and risk management as well as modelling and visualisation.

Future prospects

Architecture, engineering & the construction industries are rapidly moving toward the use of integrated building information models (BIM). This is changing not only technology but also the industry processes and actors´ roles, tasks and responsibilities in the value network. VTT´s cross-sectional teams and its partners´ network develop innovative technologies and business models which enable these changes throughout the building life-cycle.


There are 15 specialists in the field of building-ICT, as well as 8 specialists in life cycle management and 5 specialists with expertise in building processes. Researchers are active in international standardisation and setting industry guidelines related to ICT and sustainability, as well as being involved in various European Union and other international projects and networks.

Additional information

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Technology Manager
+358 20 722 6900

Pekka Pajakkala
Customer Manager
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