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New materials

Research content

VTT’s research in new materials includes development of metallic, ceramic, polymer, cementitious and wood materials and various compositions of these materials. VTT's knowledge and research facilities cover the entire development chain from material synthesis and nanoscale material development, through semi-product and compound development to development of material processing and manufacturing methods aiming at final products.


The main focus areas of VTT’s development work in new materials cover diverse fields of industry including new materials for

  • use in energy technology
  • components in pulp and process industry
  • machines, vehicles and transportation
  • building products
  • Future prospects

In future, there will be an increasing need for materials with improved energy efficiency and sustainability, higher performance in demanding applications, new functionalities, enhanced intelligence of products and increased usability of natural material resources.


VTT has approx. 80 specialists in this research area. We have excellent  experimental research facilities and knowhow for

  • material development
  • material process and production development
  • special techniques for material characterisation
  • material performance evaluation
  • application integration

Additional information

Tapio Ritvonen
Research Scientist
+358 20 722 3003


Additional information

Tapio Ritvonen
Research Scientist
+358 20 722 3003

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