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Papermaking processes

Research contents

The focus of our research efforts is in the research and development of new process and product solutions. We are a strong national and international research and development partner in fibre processes for machine manufacturing companies, for chemical and fabric suppliers, for manufacturers of fibre-based products and for developers of measurement, automation, and control systems. Our goals also support the national research strategy for the development of sustainable process solutions and new fibre-based products.

Industry has bought approximately 30 inventions from us and has commercialised head box, drying and measuring techniques that we have developed together.

In addition to competent personnel, our strengths include a unique experimental laboratory- and pilot-scale research environment as well as measurement and analysis methods that we develop continuously to meet our research needs. Our new papermaking research environment is unique both nationally and internationally, and we develop it in close co-operation with various partners within the forest industry cluster.


We apply our expertise together with industry to develop new product and process solutions. One example of this is a consortium project that was recently started with various operators within the forest industry cluster. By means of a new papermaking research environment developed jointly with industry, the aim of this project is to speed up development efforts within industry and take new ideas towards industrial solutions.

Our strong rheological expertise, which is based on fibre suspension flow research, can also be applied in other industrial fields. Our paper structure and runnability research laboratories with analysis methods are available for research and development projects related to web forming, dewatering, process chemistry, and the runnability of paper machines. Our strong know-how in separation technique and fractioning expertise can be utilised in new applications in the Biorefine field and in the cleaning and productisation of secondary flows.

Future outlook

The financial success of the forest industry cluster will mainly depend on its ability for innovation and the development of the global financial situation. The objective of the national research strategy for the forest industry cluster is to double the value of the cluster's products and services by 2030 (half of the value coming from new products), to increase the use of Finnish wood by a quarter, and to double research and development investments within the cluster. VTT is a key player in the research operations and programmes of the forest industry cluster. The development of the papermaking research environment in co-operation with industry is one example of this.


We have about 55 employees in this research field, eight have a doctoral degree. There are two research professorships in the field focusing on energy usage in the forest industry and paper manufacturing technology.

Additional information

Janne Poranen
Head of Research Area
+358 20 722 2689