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Smart machines

Research content

The rise of environmental consciousness and the ecological footprint of products and systems as well as the requirement for increased R&D of more tailored multi-technical products from the machine industry has led us to focus service offering to following topics.

  • Virtual prototyping for everyday use in the machine and vehicle industry
    • Faster R&D process without teething problems
    • Minimised physical prototyping
  • New intelligent and ecologic solutions for machines and vehicles
    • Vibration and noise control solutions
    • Electrical product concepts for the future
  • Life cycle management and service business technologies for the machine industry
    • Condition- and prognostics-based maintenance
    • Embedded maintenance-free measuring solutions

We deepen our expertise by carrying out scientific research in following topics:

  • Reliable (human-centred) modelling of vibration, acoustic and vibroacoustic phenomena
  • Technologies to model and minimise sound- and vibration-related environmental emissions
  • Psychoacoustics based sound quality assessment and technologies to auralise sound properties in virtual environments as well as to personalise audio environments
  • Technologies, algorithms and procedures for automatic health and prognostics assessment of key machine components
  • Electromechanical interaction and adaptive rotor vibration control in electrical machines
  • Life cycle simulation as a combined ecological/economical concept design and life cycle option evaluation tool


By integrating phenomena-based expertise, word class simulation and measurement skills and VTT's broad technology expertise, we provide research and development partnership and services to our customers. We have expertise in the following applications:

  • Combustion engines
  • Engine-generator sets
  • Electrical machines
  • Ship propulsion machineries
  • Wind turbines
  • Pumps and fans
  • Mobile work machines
  • Military vehicles

Future prospects

We are increasing research related to the reliable operation of wind turbine machineries. Our special focus is in understanding the wind turbine loads. The know-how in modelling and control of electromechanical interaction phenomena is extended towards system level modelling of electromechanical systems in order to be able to address system energy and environmental efficiency issues.

The demand for highly automated e-Maintenance solutions for the development of the industrial service business will grow. e-Maintenance covers all ICT solutions for industrial maintenance activities enabling information (design, condition, service request, spare part, etc.) flow between machine and back office systems (PLM, PDM, CMMS) in order to deliver asset information where it is needed.

The role of the Smart Machines knowledge centre as an agile science-based integrator of smart enabling technologies, facilitating design of breakthrough product concepts for our partners, is strengthened. Our working methods are continuously developed to support this objective.

In human technology interaction (HTI) studies our objective is to integrate human perception (designer, user, etc.), as early as possible in the concept design phase, into the simulation-based design process of dynamic phenomena in machines. Psychoacoustics-based sound quality issues as well as technologies to personalise audio environments to individual users or groups will be particularly in our focus:

  • Wind turbine machinery
  • All electric machines
  • e-Maintenance solutions
  • Role as a science-based smart technology integrator
  • Integration of human perception into the simulation-based design process


We have up-to-date simulation software for MBS- and FEM-based analyses that is integrated with our own simulation tools. In particular, we have field measuring equipment for modal analysis of machines as well as for long term load measurements on machines. Wireless measuring technology is widely used in our commissions. Our main laboratory facilities are:

  • Large semi-anechoic laboratory
  • Reverberation room
  • Large slightly muffled product development laboratory
  • Active noise control laboratory
  • Shaker laboratory
  • Outdoor testing area for noise emission testing of vehicles

Additional information

Pekka Koskinen
Technology Manager
+358 20 722 6224

Ismo Vessonen
Chief Research Scientist
+358 20 722 5395

Tero Kiviniemi
Customer Manager
+358 20 722 6495


Additional information

Pekka Koskinen
Technology Manager
+358 20 722 6224

Ismo Vessonen
Chief Research Scientist
+358 20 722 5395

Tero Kiviniemi
Customer Manager
+358 20 722 6495